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Eye pain while playing Mobile Legends? Overcome this way

Play mobile legends it’s fun especially when Winning streak or win in a row. These back-to-back wins often leave players reluctant to play this game developed by Moonton. The hope is nothing other than to climb the ranking to the top in the shortest possible time, namely Mythic. Whoever the player is, of course, the main goal when playing Mobile Legends is to get to the top level as quickly as possible.

Apparently a lot of gamers forget themselves playing Mobile Legends and get Winning streak. They forget about time and forget to rest so that it affects their health and priorities that should be done. According to data from Mobile Legends Original Server, many gamers experience eye pain from staring at the phone screen for too long. Finally, when the game loaded, Moonton gave a slogan with the words Play Mobile Legends just enough.



Sore eyes while playing Mobile Legends are indeed caused by staring at the phone screen for too long. The part of the eye called the retina will dry out or lack water from its proper capacity. When you have this, your eyes itch first and it feels like you are rubbing your eyes as much as possible. After that, the eyes turn red and feel sore, causing the player to lose focus while playing.

In this case, use drops for dry eyes such as Insto or other drugs available in pharmacies. These eye drops have the function of restoring the moisture capacity of the retina of the eye so that it does not dry out. This way, the eyes that were itchy and sore will go back to normal in a short time. You can play Mobile Legends as usual with maximum concentration.

If you are lazy leaving the house to buy eye drops, rest your eyes for a moment by closing them. Closing the eyes takes about 15 to 20 minutes, depending on how dry the eyes are. In that case, try playing Mobile Legends again to see if your eyes are normal or not. If it still itches, increase the amount of time you close your eyes again for the best possible recovery.

Playing Mobile Legends is fun, but don’t neglect your health. Especially eye health which is currently giving a lot of complaints from Mobile Legends gamers who keep playing until they forget the time. No one was held responsible for this incident, neither Moonton nor the player whose eyes were sore from playing Mobile Legends. Moonton is just the developer offering entertainment games while gamers also don’t know the implications of gaming for too long.



Moonton sent a positive message by loading the game so that players don’t forget about the time while playing. Now it’s just a Mobile Legends gamer who needs to be smart about how to manage their time to play. When the developers and gamers at Mobile Legends implement this solution, it looks like everything will be safe. So let’s take care of our health, even if we like to play the currently popular Mobile Legends game.

Playing Mobile Legends will be very comfortable if the eyes are normal or healthy so that players can focus while playing. Unfortunately, many players couldn’t hold back when Profit strike So keep playing until your eyes get itchy and sore. Use eye drops like Insto or rest your eyes for a while if you notice. According to Gamers, what is the right solution if your eyes are dry while playing Mobile Legends?

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