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Explanation of the latest Magic Chess Commander skills

Hi guys, welcome back to the Bangudinpro review, thank you guys!
Today, as usual, we’re going to discuss the latest update for Commander Magic Chess in Mobile Legend. Magic Chess is a strategy game in mobile legends. Activating Synergy as soon as possible is the basic strategy for winning matches on the battlefield. If another hero with a faction or role is in the field, the synergy bonus effect is activated. Only a good line-up can reach the highest position.

New commander skills

The latest update for wizard chess has started with new heroes and new synergies and new commanders. Now I am going to explain the skills of the newest Magic Chess Commander so you can know and win matches in Magic Chess. This is the explanation of the newest commanding skills in magical chess. Look at that!.

1. Benny (patner warrior)
Is a commander who comes from the Popol and Kupa heroes. This commander has a special ability that can help the hero team win the first battle in wizard chess.

Commander Benny’s abilities

  • Skill Level 1 “Freeze Trap” During preparation, a freeze trap will be placed in the middle of your side that will freeze any enemy hero moving in different phases for 8/14/20/26 seconds.
  • Skill level 2 “King of the Beasts” After each creep round, Benny summons the most powerful creep of that round to join the team. Creep is used in the preparation phase.
  • Skill Level 3 “Hunter’s Instinct” During prep, a copy trap will be placed in the center of your page which will add your inventory / additional inventory copy of the enemy hero moving towards it.

2. Eggie (cheeky eggie)

Is a commander derived from the hero Diggie who can reduce the price of upgrading the little commander. This commander is perfect for anyone who wants to quickly upgrade the little commander with height.

Commander Eggies skills

  • Skill Level 1 “Economize” Reduces the gold cap required to upgrade Little Commander by 15%.
  • Skill level 2 “Heat of Battle” After Win Streak 2, every further victory reduces Little Commander’s gold price and increases it by 3 to 5 gold.
  • Skill Level 3 “Luck” When the Little Commander level reaches 8, use it to get 1 Equipment Loot Chest and 1 Crystal Loot Chest.

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3. Abe (Revered Kung Fu Master)
Is a commander of the hero Akai who can attack the enemy commander with higher damage. This commander is perfect for those of you who want to eliminate opponents quickly

Commander Abe’s skills

  • Skill level 1 “Anger” After winning the round, the enemy Little Commander is dealt 4 additional points of damage.
  • Skill level 2 “Deadly Strike” After the level progression, each victory inflicts additional damage to the opponent’s little commander equal to 25% of the target’s current HP.
  • Skill Level 3 “Cohesion” During this round, all heroes deal 2 additional damage to commanders. Cooldown in 4 rounds.

4. Eva (mysterious deer)
Is a commander with a passive ability that can improve the physical and magical skills of the entire team at the start of the game.

Skill Commander Eva

  • Skill Level 1 “Coordination” If more than 4 synergies have been activated. Increases the physical attack of all heroes by 50, the magical attack by 100.
  • Skill level 2 “Toughness” If there is synergy level 6 or the maximum level, the higher level has an effect, both physical and magical defense are increased by 40 for all heroes.
  • Skill level 3 “Request” In the showdown phase, Synergy One Hero randomly (if not maximally) upgraded by 1 level at the beginning of the fight.

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5. Remy (swordsman Remy)
Is a commander with a passive ability that can increase gold acquisition after the game ends. This commander is perfect for buying heroes, quickly upgrading little commanders, or refreshing shop heroes so you can get 3 star heroes quickly.

Commander Remy’s abilities

  • Skill level 1 “Money Cultivator” Remy receives 1 to 4 gold at random. Cooldown in 5 rounds
  • Skill Level 2 Financial Genius “Remy receives 1 more interest if he has 10 gold. The maximum interest is 4.
  • Remy’s level 3 skill “Gold = Life” sacrifices 5 HP to increase gold by 3.5. Cooldown in 3 rounds. This skill cannot be used if the commander’s HP is around 10. are lower

6. Ragnar (Axemann Ragnar)
Is a commander descended from a Hero Franko who has a passive ability that can regenerate the Little Commander’s HP.

Commander Ragnar Skill Skills

  • Level 1 “Rain” Ragnar immediately restores 3 HP. Cooldown in 3 rounds.
  • Level 2 “Defense” Ragnar reduces the damage taken by 50%. Cooldown in 5 rounds.
  • Level 3 “Recovery” Immediately restores 8 HP at the beginning of each round when Ragnar’s HP is below 25%.

This is an explanation of the skills of the newest commander in wizarding chess. Hopefully helpful and happy fasting for Muslims.

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