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Even more painful, these are the 5 best late-game heroes in Mobile Legends July 2021

Mobile Legends logo. (Moon tone) – The Mobile Legends game is divided into three main times, namely early game, mid game and late game. We’ll be making recommendations on the best late-game heroes in Mobile Legends for the July 2021 period.

The characteristic of late game heroes is that they are not too Strong at the beginning of the game.

But if the game runs long enough, this series of heroes actually does exceptional damage.

When facing them, you should never try to buy time when you have the upper hand.

If heroes can collect all of the items in the late game, they can defeat more than two heroes at a critical point in the game.

Below are the recommendations for the best late game heroes for the July 2021 period:

1. Aldous

Aldous.  (YouTube / Mobile Legends Bang Bang)
Aldous. (YouTube / Mobile Legends Bang Bang)

Anyone dealing with this hero shouldn’t buy time, because Aldous is a “very painful” hero in the late game.

At the beginning of the game, Aldous’ ability can collect what is known as a Stack Soul Steal when he eliminates the opponent.

Each existing stack deals 8 permanent damage, so Aldous can get “sick” if his stack gets bigger.

2. Claude

Claude Mobile Legends.  (
Claude Mobile Legends. (

Although Claude isn’t as painful as last year in season 16, Claude is quite OP in season 17.

When the item that deals high damage is in Claude’s hands, that hero can launch an attack with incredible attack speed.

The Art of Thievery skill, which can increase attack speed, is quite dangerous in the late game.

3. Cecilion

Cecilion Mobile Legends.  (
Cecilion Mobile Legends. (

If he has the right combination of items, Cecilion will get very Strong in the late game.

The combination of Bat Impact and his Burst Damage Specialization is strong enough to trick Marksman into staying at a distance when attacking.

The power of his blood demon is even greater in the late game.

4. Moscow

Moscow Mobile Legends.  (
Moscow Mobile Legends. (

Just like Claude, Moskov has a pretty fast attack speed, even though his blood is low.

Thanks to the Abyss Walker skill, Moskov can blink and increase his attack speed by 20 percent.

Combined with passive abilities that also deal damage to opponents behind him, Moskov is a creepy hero in the late game.

5. body

Background Badang Mobile Legends.  (HiTekno_Rezza Rachmanta)
Background Badang Mobile Legends. (

This hero, who disappeared in the Land of Dawn some time ago, has an annoying ultimate.

Badang can jump, build a barrier and bombard his enemies with “a thousand hits”.

If Badang is built with high damage items, the combination with his Fist Crack is very deadly in the late game.

In fact, there are still a few heroes who can join the ranks of late game heroes.

Two of them who entered as dark horses were Sun and Alucard.

The shade of the sun can reduce physical defense and cause high damage in the late game. While Alucard has a lifesteal effect that is pretty scary after all of the core items are done.

Those were the recommendations for the best late game heroes for July 2021 interested in using them?