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Enter this code to get a free gift?

B1235 Mobile Legend – Code B1235 appears a lot in global chat recently, many Mobile Legends players are spamming code B1235 in global chat.

Rumor has it that you can win attractive prizes by sending the secret code B1235.

Is it true that sending this Mobile Legends code B1235 will give you a prize?

B1235 Mobile Legends:
B1235 Mobile Legends:

This article will tell you if this B1235 code can actually generate prices.

Code B1235 Mobile legend

This B1235 code is a code that was initially very foreign to Mobile Legends players. However, more and more Mobile Legends players are sending this code to the global chat function.

This leaves other Mobile Legends players wondering why many Mobile Legends players spam the code B1235 in the general chat function.

In fact, you can get prizes by sending the words “B1235” in the global chat column.

Many Mobile Legends players have tried to enter the code B1235 and received prizes. Quickly enter this code B1235 for a price before this code is set by Moonton.

Prices from code B1235 Mobile Legend

The prizes you will get by entering the code B1235 are 1 Empire Chevalier Medal and 10 Magic Dust.

While the reward for exchanging this code isn’t much, Mobile Legends players can now know that there are certain secret codes that can actually bring prizes.

How to use the code B1235 in Mobile Legends

Curious if this Mobile Legends code B1235 can really bring in prizes? Or are you interested in the gift of exchanging the code B1235? Below are the steps to receive a gift by exchanging code B1235:

  1. Open the Mobile Legends game, then you can tap the ALL button on the bottom left of the global chat function.
  2. Enter the code B1235 then you can press the Submit button to send the code to global chat.
  3. After sending this code B1235 you will receive a gift immediately.
  4. The code can only be used once, so you only need to send code B1235 once in global chat.

How to use the code B1235 Mobile Legends. That’s all we can say about Secret Code B1235 that you can use to win a prize. I hope it is useful!

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