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Enter the FF code of the Wonderland Collection and that's how it works

Entry code Wonderland Collection ff – Free Fire has made various updates recently. One of them is the presentation of the latest event called Event Wonderland. Before that, we first talked about free fire.

Free Fire is a battle royale game that is currently the favorite for players who like demanding games. especially the challenge of defeating 49 players in the free fire game.

Free Fire’s toughest competitor is PUBG Mobile, this Tencent game can compete with Free Fire in the battle royale game genre. The advantage of PUBG Mobile is that it has a very good graphical display, especially on high-spec phones. Players will feel comfortable playing.

Not inferior in terms of graphics, Garena responded by presenting free fire max, a free fire game that, however, complies with PUBG Mobile

As the developer of Free Fire, Garena made several innovations, the last time Free Fire held an egg hunt for red and blue eggs. Now Garena is doing a new update, namely a Wonderland event.

In this article we are going to discuss how to enter and get the Wonderland Collection ff code. and discuss what Event Wonderland is.

Wonderland Web Events Free Fire

Wonderland is an event recently held by open fire. planned, the deadline for participation in this Wunderland event is from April 8th to April 26th, 2021.

Enter the Wonderland Collection free fire code
Enter the FF code of the Wonderland Collection

Recently, however, Garena announced that it would be hosting an event called Wonderland Peak Day, which will begin on April 19, 2021.

How to play in the Wonderland Peak Day Free Fire Event

If you follow the Wonderland event, players will be instructed to take egg tokens. Now that you have collected the free Feuerei tokens, you can exchange them for an exclusive Bunny Egghunter costume package.

These egg tokens are obtained from planes flying over the play area. Now it is your job as a player to watch the egg fall in the match area, take the egg marker and later exchange it for a prize.

Wonderland Collection FF Egg Code

We have provided some codes that you can swap them with by entering the code.

  • Mocos Egg: HEWQ6NVU
  • Maxim’s Egg: KRSQTIPN
  • Hayatos Egg: XHE58F6J

Enter the FF code of the Wonderland Collection

Many gamers are confused about how to enter Wonderland Collection Free Fire password. In this section we provide these instructions.

  1. Open the free fire game.
  2. Select menu with Egg icon On the right side.
  3. Open menu Wonderland collection.
  4. Click Visit.
  5. there will be a code entry button option, press the button.
  6. Enter the Wunderland token code your friends gave you.
  7. click to confirm If it is already.

These are some guidelines regarding the Wonderland Collection FF event, I hope it’s useful friends!

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