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Easy ways to redeem PUBG Mobile code from the latest Torabika Cappucino

How to redeem PUBG Mobile code from the latest Torabika Cappucino – Hi friends, this time Mimin would like to share a few things about how to redeem Torabika Cappuccino’s PUBG Mobile code with the special barista skin. It’s actually quite easy for noobs or beginners.

To get the redemption code, friends, you need to buy the torabika cappuccino product, it is available at a takeaway near your friend’s house so it is not difficult to get the redemption code. And the fun is, friends will definitely get the skin later, so don’t hesitate.

How to redeem the PUBG Mobile code from the latest Torabika Cappucino

First you need to purchase the coffee product in order to receive the redemption code that is in the package. But buy the special one that has the PUBG logo on the bottom of the coffee packaging. Like the one I have, brother.

how to redeem pubg

2. Brew coffee

The second way to redeem PUBG Mobile is, please, friends, brew the coffee first, brother so there will be cool friends to play PUBG so you can have a drink when you send enemies into the lobby, hehe. Okay, let’s move on to redeeming the third pubg code, okay.

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3. Get the redemption code

Please, friends, look at the redemption code on the inside of the package, that redemption code is in the form of a series of letters and numbers, brother. For example the code is as follows, I happen to have my own that I just used for redeeming.

Redeem pubg code

4. Visit the PUBG Mobile website

To redeem the code, friends, please open a special page on PUBG Mobile to redeem the code, namely: just click right away. You can also see this page on the packaging. It doesn’t come from your gadget’s browser, not from your PC. Notice!

5. Enter the PUBG Character ID and Friend Redemption Code

After you go to the redeeming page, just enter your PUBG Mobile ID, friends, then also enter the redeeming code you received earlier in the column provided. Also enter the verification code and then simply click on Redeem.

6. Receive special gifts for friends

After the redemption process is complete, please log into your friends’ PUBG Mobile account and go to the messages menu. Afterwards, friends will receive a message from the TORABIKA Cappuccino Gift Award. Open the message and claim it right away.

If it has been automatically claimed, the item or skin that you can get is already in your PUBG account inventory. How easy is it to redeem this PUBG Mobile code? Let’s just buy a cappuccino torabika coffee as much as possible. Let’s stay strong 🙂

The skins you get are limited to days, friends, so there is a duration for that. This skin gift exchange event ends at the end of this year, on December 31, 2021. It’s still a long time, friends, so hurry up and have coffee every day and get other interesting skins. Thanks.

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