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Easy Ways to Counteract Wanwan Mobile Legends

Counter Wanwan Mobile Legends | Games – Wanwan is a new hero in Mobile Legends who has pretty complete abilities. He has Skill stroke, immune, and of course Tank killer. It is possible that this oriental hero will become a subscriber forbidden in the near future.

This archery hero is enough indeed overwhelm Gear. Because he has unlimited sprinting skills and of course immune skills which make him very difficult to deal with.

In this article, Mimin TeknoGeng gives a few tips and tricks to counteract Wanwan Mobile Legends. Let’s check out the review below.

How can you counteract Wanwan?

The most dangerous of Wanwan are actually passive skills and ultimate. However, these two skills have a rather complicated mechanism. Even the ultimate skill cannot be used if it cannot attack everyone weakness Enemy.

1. Avoid the 4 weaknesses

His own passive ability that will give weakness (Weak point) on enemy heroes. There are 4 weak points in the opponent, namely front, back, left and right. Attacking all of your opponent’s weak points is not easy. However, the ultimate skill cannot be used if we fail to attack all of the target’s weak points.

From here, of course, you already know how to fight Wanwan, right? Yes, one of the best ways is not to get hit by 4 weaknesses at once. After being hit by 2 or 3 weaknesses, it is best to back off so that Wanwan’s ultimate cannot be used.

2. Use Hero with high DPSPS

Wanwan is a Sagittarius who relies heavily on skill, especially passive and ultimate skills. Without these two skills, Wanwan is no surgical hero. But Basic attack Wanwan in late game still creepy guys.

The main problem is that the enemy will retreat after being hit by 2 or 3 weaknesses, preventing Wanwan from being able to use her ultimate. Therefore, Wanwan will lose to heroes with high DPS like Irithel, Bruno and Moskov.

3. Fight with Burt damage High

The Sagittarius hero’s main weakness is thin blood, so it is very easy to die. Especially when it was hit Crowd control. But it’s different with Wanwan because she has skills immune with both skills.

However, this Skill 2 has a relatively short duration and is not immune to damage. Therefore, he will continue to be exposed to damage while using this skill. With this weakness, Wanwan will lose to a hero type kill one shot like Hayabusa.

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Hero counter Wanwan

Now that we know all of Wanwan’s weaknesses, we can now know what kind of heroes Wanwan can defeat. Here are some heroes we can use to fight Wanwan Mobile Legends.

1. All heroes Assassin

Wanwan is very weak against all heroes Assassin. Wanwan is not easy to meet the 4 weaknesses because they have very agile movements. They also have assassin heroes Burst damage high so it can be very easy kill one shot to Wanwan. You can Gusion, Hayabusa, and. use Ling Wanwan so easy to defeat.

2. Eudora & Aurora

These two heroes are famous as magicians indeed locker best until today. Eudora and Aurora are very effective against agile heroes like Gusion, Fanny and Wanwan. Not only that, these two mages also have high burst damage. Either of them could easily kill Wanwan with one shot.

3. Harley

Harley is a magician with assassin skills. Because it is very agile and has high burst damage. Combining Harley’s 1st and 3rd abilities, killing Wanwan is pretty easy. During the second ability we can approach it and run away.

4. Lolita

Lolita’s second ability makes her immune to normal attacks. That way, he is not easily hit by Wanwan’s weakness. Even Wanwan’s ultimate won’t work against Lolita, as that skill counts as a basic attack, not a skill.

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5. Irithel, Clint, Lesley

The three archers are strong enough to fight Wanwan. Irithel has the ability to shoot while walking so he isn’t easily hit by Wanwan’s weakness, in addition to his high DPS in the late game. While Clint and Lesley have long range and explosion damage. So in the late game, Wanwan is pretty weak with the three heroes.


From the description above, it can be seen that the best way to fight Wanwan is to avoid being hit by 4 weaknesses at the same time. If we have been hit by 2 or 3 weaknesses, then you should back off to prevent him from developing his ultimate ability. While the most effective heroes to defeat him are one-shot kill type and high DPS heroes.

These are the discussion boards this time about how to counter Wanwan Mobile Legends. Do you have any other tips for Wanwan’s counter? Please share your opinion in the comment column, people ^^

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