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Easy ways to counter Ling in Mobile Legends use these 7 heroes | Games – Ling is a pretty well-known hero overwhelm in the Mobile Legends game. Since he is a raunchy hero, it is difficult to stop his movement. He also has an ability that makes him immune to everything damage and Crowd control.

With all the perks it has, it’s no wonder Ling is one of the best Assassin Heroes and has become a banned subscription in draft pick mode. His popularity managed to beat the heroes Gusion and Hayabusa, who were always a pick subscription.

Well! On this occasion TechnoGang gives a few tips and tricks on how to meet the hero Ling in Mobile Legends. Let’s take a look at the review below.

Against Ling L

Counter Ling Mobile Legends

One of the natural counterattacks of agile heroes is Crowd control. With CC we can block the movement of agile heroes like Ling. The most effective type of crowd control for Ling is get pregnant, freeze, and numb with a sufficiently long term.

It becomes even more effective if continued with high burst damage after crowd control. Some heroes with CC Burst skills are Zilong, Saber, and Aurora.

Next we continue the counter-ling method. The following Easy Ways To Counter Ling In Mobile Legends Yesshould Technogenic knows.

Hero Counter Ling L

Character traits of heroes that we can use against Ling are the ability lock nice and Burst damage high. Here are 7 heroes who can Technogenic Use it to counter Ling Mobile Legends.

1. Kaja and Chou

Kaja and Chou are heroes locker best until today. These two heroes have the ultimate ability to block Ling’s movements. As long as his ultimate ability is still there cooling down, Kaja or Chou could easily block Ling’s movement.

However, Kaja will find it easier than Chou to catch Ling. Since Skill 1 Kaja has a large area, Ling can be removed from the wall first. While Chou really needs to be close to the target to start the main combo.

2. Chufra

The next hero you can use against Ling is Khufra. This tanker is very effective against agile heroes like Ling. Ling cannot jump against the wall when hit by Khufra who is in the shape of a ball (Skill 2).

If so, Ling will be affected instead Setback which makes it very easy to kill with heroesdamage high.

3. Aurora

Aurora is a hero who has Crowd control annoying and Burst damage Size. In addition, Aurora also has a fairly wide attack area so we can use it to get Ling out of the wall.

With Ling flying, Aurora could easily stop her movement with her second ability. Then we can launch the next attack to immobilize Ling immediately.

4. Ruby

Ling will have a hard time fighting Ruby. Because apart from that Robbery of life he has big too Crowd control what annoys. He can attract enemies at once with one skill ultimate-his. However, Ruby has a minor attack, so it needs help with Damage dealer to make Ling helpless.

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5. Franco

Franco also has the ability to attract enemies, although it is quite difficult to do so. To reach hook Franco is very far away, so we can predict Ling’s movement from a distance, then we draw him. If you are interested, we can continue the attack with Skill 2 and Ultimate and support you Damage dealer.

6. Hayabusa

The ultimate skill locks enemy movement wherever they go. This way, Hayabusa can use skills everywhere Ling goes ultimate-his. To deal high damage, we can first use skill 1 on Ling. But player Ling will spend his ultimate skill when Hayabusa uses the skill Killing shadows. Hence, we need to make sure that Ling has released his ultimate.

7. Guess

We can also use Hayabusa against Ling. If dagger Gusion (Skill 1) has met Ling successfully, we can follow his movements wherever he goes. If that’s the case, we can continue the skill combination until Gusion actually dies. But first notice whether or not Ling used his ultimate.

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One way to counter Ling is to use CC burst heroes like Chou, Kaja, and Aurora. Also a hero type a combo kill like Hayabusa and Gusion are also very effective against Ling as it has very thin blood.

This is gear The discussion this time around is about the Ling Mobile Legends counter. Now don’t panic if Ling manages to escape and get caught.choose by the opposing team. Do share your thoughts in the comments column if you have any more tips and tricks.

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