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Easy ways to change Tokopedia account password to be safe

Tokopedia is one of the websites and platform E-commerce very popular and many users. Recently, information has been circulating about the data hacking that has occurred on Tokopedia. Nearly 90 million Tokopedia customer data has been hacked and traded on Facebook, according to CNN dark network at a cost of $ 5,000 or about 74 million rupiah. The news of the leak of customer data is certainly worrying as hackers sell data in the form of full names, User identification, Phone number and password. Hence, customers need to know how to easily replace them password their Tokopedia account in anticipation of any misuse of account information.

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Easy ways to change Tokopedia account password to be safe from hackers

Source: Mausiswaapa

In response to the bad news, Tokopedia admitted an attempt was made to steal a range of customer data. However, Tokopedia said that password is still protected and has advised its customers to replace it password for safety. Tokopedia even sends the information to E-mail his customers. Well there is an easy way to change yourself password Tokopedia account that you should know about. Let’s take a look at the following review

Change the Tokopedia account password in applications and on the web

Follow the steps below to change your Tokopedia account password

  • Open the Tokopedia app or site for Registration
  • Click on the account page in the lower pojok corner
  • From the account page, select the Settings icon
  • After entering the settings menu, select “Account”
  • Then my friend will go to the account setup menu and choose a password or password
Easy ways to change Tokopedia account password
  • The last step is the input password Your new and old, then click save
Easy ways to change Tokopedia account password
  • When you forget password, you can reset Password by following the steps recommended by Tokopedia

Well, to change password Tokopedia account, my friend must pay attention to the following things,

  • Do not use consecutive numbers and letters
  • Try to do password the long
  • Use different and random characters

PIN system security

Vexa friends can not only change their password, but also use the Tokopedia PIN function. This additional safety function is also called Two-factor authentication. The method is

  • Log in to my account menu
  • Select settings
  • Click Menu Set Account
  • Select the Tokopedia PIN menu and for security reasons enter 6 digits from the system
  • After this function is activated, you have to enter a 6-digit PIN for every transaction

Remember friend, in order to activate this feature, you must download Google Authenticator app

Delete bank account at Tokopedia

Another way to prevent bad things from happening is to delete a bank account. This is because data theft is very risky to attack customer accounts on other platforms such as bank accounts. All you have to do is go to the account setup menu. Then click on the “Bank Account” menu and select the registered account number. Then just click the ‘Delete’ button.

P.Home page

Passwords are an important factor with an account on certain platforms, including Tokopedia. password is for the security of your account. Therefore replace password periodic can be a preventive measure against hacker attacks. This is an easy way to swap review password Tokopedia account for the security of all your accounts. Hope it’s useful buddy!

Source: Tokopedia, CNN Indonesia

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