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Don't worry, here are the 5 best Esmeralda counter-heroes Hero

Don't worry, here are the 5 best Esmeralda counter-heroes Hero – Don’t worry, here are the 5 best Esmeralda Counter Heroes

Don’t worry, here are the 5 best Esmeralda counter-heroes Hero – Esmeralda is a unique hero compared to other heroes in the Mobile Legends game. She has 2 roles at the same time, namely tank and magician, in terms of defense, Esmeralda is a very strong heroine and also has great demange considering that she is also a magician role.

Not enough to stop there, the uniqueness of Esmeralda being able to absorb armor and wearing whatever armor it absorbs makes Esmeralda a very feared heroine at every level, no wonder Esmeralda is a forbidden subscription from the epic to the mythical level.

Of all the perks that Esmeralda has, but who would have thought there are some heroes out there who can really make Esmeralda not move when faced with the heroes below.

Here are 5 hero counters Esmeralda

1. Karina
To counterattack Karina you have to be really smart about determining the right timing of when to get in and out because at the beginning of the game you can tell that Karina doesn’t have too much damage and the armor and HP are relatively thin, so if Esmeralda spends skill 1, you can use the first skill or Karina’s evasion to prevent Esmeralda’s armor.

2. Claude
If we use Claude we really need to know how to avoid any attack from Esmeralda. Actually, it’s pretty easy to remember that Claude is a ranged hero while Esmeralda is a melee hero. Also, Esmeralda only has 1 Blink Skill, which is on her Ultimate Skill. .

What needs attention is that if Esmeralda uses her Ability 1, you can instantly steal Esmeralda’s MSPD while attacking by keeping your distance.

3. Uranus
If Esmeralda has the ability to take on the opponent’s armor, then one of the most effective options is to use a hero with a high level of defense and a fairly high regeneration ability.

Uranus is the solution, although Esmeralda will later be taken with all the armor you have, you will not die easily and don’t forget to ask your teammates for help as your position is a tank if you go 1 on 1 with Esmeralada forcing it is a ridiculous act.

4. Gatot Kaca
Maybe it’s the same as Uranus used to be, but if Uranus can become a very thick fortress against Esmeralda, Gatot can not only resist, but also inflict significant damage on Esmeralda.

Gatot Kaca can passively use lost HP as a physical defense, and don’t forget that Gatot Kaca has Abilities 1 and 2, which can do great damage to Esmeralda.

5. Guinevere
The style of play may be almost like Claude, you can easily avoid any attack from Esmeralda using the blink skills you have or when Esmeralda is doing her Ultimate Attack you can hit her right away to get the Airbone effect when canceling Ultimate Esmeralda. With this trick Esmeralda is guaranteed not to pull against Guinevere.

That is the recommendation of a suitable hero to counter Esmeralda, there are a few more who can be an effective counterattack for Esmeralda, like Franco and Chang’e. It all comes back to your gameplay.