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Don't lose any gold from Aldous in the MLBB match

Aldous Mobile Legends is a hero in Land of the Dawn who has an Authentic Fighter role. It can be said that this hero is slow slow early game until it comes in the middle or Middlegame. But if you’ve stepped into the late game, this hero has absolutely no counter to stand up to. In fact, even tanks that are heroes with big HP can be defeated with just two hits.

This season 14, Aldous is one of the heroes that makes players restless when they are playing game. When you meet Aldous game Legendary or Mythical, they’ll go out of their way to kill him in the beginning game. If you can’t kill Aldous in early games, at least they managed to thwart Aldous in the jungle. The problem is that if Aldous is left alone, it produces gold faster and dominates first Build objects.


Usually at the beginning game User Aldous does a minion sweep middle row followed by the lower green jungle. After that, Aldous will take the lower buff, penetrate the lower corner and sweep the minions lower lane and Hermit Crab. As much as possible, Gangbang lah Aldous di middle row at the beginning game until you are killed several times or at least once. If it fails, then Gangbang Buff the enemy territory with teammates so Aldous can’t take it.

Catch Aldous by hiding with his teammates in the reeds near the hermit crabs. As soon as Aldou’s jungle hermit crabs are immediately executed or allied with teammates. This method was found to be effective in preventing Aldous from rising first and slowing down his gold production. If Aldous’ level is lower and his gold production is lower, then Aldous is not too dangerous.


But there are other professional players who become Aldous users and use other opportunities to level up first. The trick is to choose the solo track down or up to focus on sweeping miniins and makeshift farming. If so, Aldous will produce gold faster without sharing it with his teammates. Pay attention to such Aldous users and thwart them with every action jungle or Agriculture by him.

If Aldous is allowed to farm, then in late game later it becomes very difficult for his opponents. Sniper, magician, and Assassin can die in one fell swoop, although it is the same Maximum level. Tanks that have the thickest HP compared to other heroes die with just two merciless hits. Indeed, Alucard-class fighters who Robbery of life even severe ones will be overwhelmed when faced with Aldous and end in defeat.


Based on data from the original Mobile Legends game history server, Aldous is the players’ favorite fighter. In fact, Aldous got a special skin at the championship event M1 world MLBB with box M1. This M1 skin is a new Caste Mobile Legends skin and only belongs to Aldous. There is still no clarity on how to get the M1 skn from Aldous.

Aldous is a Mobile Legends hero who takes huge damage in the late game when he enters Maximum level and have Build objects Complete. Don’t let Aldous set you apart when it comes to gold by doing it Gangbang him or take his agriculture and his jungle. When Aldous gold loses, the end result of the game can easily be guessed. But do you think there is a hero who can counter Aldous in the late game?

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