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Do you want Mitich quickly ??? This is the hero easy to bring to Mitich

How to quickly climb to Mitich

Who just fell to the epic level in Mobile Legends? I! Hi hi hi …
I play and it still hangs in Mythic. Arrogant huh .. kidding
Well, for those of you who are looking to move up to Mitich this new season and actually don’t have friends of the same rank or friends playing Mobile Legends, here I have a trick that is guaranteed to be perfect for you Solo on Mitich! All you have to do is learn your own game skills such as roaming, kidnapping, defending, pushing or buying items. The rest I guarantee, these heroes can definitely round off the shortcomings of your team.

1. Harley

Harley mlbb

Who doesn’t know this magical hero? This is Harley, a hero who can blink in the direction indicated and return to his original place. So for those of you who already know Harley, you better try this hero now to get up with me who just started season 16! Because he can lock your targeted opponent and inflict damage to eliminate the opponent’s hero. The trick is to make sure you get to the enemy’s central hero objective. Use skill 2 to approach the enemy blindly, then use the Ulty skill to inflict magic ring of fire damage to the enemy hero and extra skill 1 to inflict extra damage to the enemy hero and reuse skill 2 to return to the original location where the magic hat was and guaranteed to automate the enemy target hero. You also need to be an expert at seeing maps so that you don’t get kidnapped. The goods ensure that you buy boots in the beginning. Arcane boots to deal extra +15 PEN magic skill damage so you can give maximum damage and faster rooming to help friends push towers. Recall the battle spell and use jungle items to help you clean up servants and the farm jungle quickly. Emblems, of course Custom Mage!

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2. Lancelot

Lancelot mlbb

Well, you must have seen this hero many times, right? This hero has just been reworked by Moonton, whose damage ability is back to what it was when Lancelot was present on the game server. When Lancelot grants sword marks with skill 1, his damage increases by 10% for 4 seconds. Knowing how to apply it a little, the ultimate technique must be right and repay the enemy’s blood with Skill 2, Rose of Thorns. If you already like the hero, I guarantee you a high chance of winning. The important thing is that you don’t die and run away often when your team has a lot of dead. Make sure you are not at the forefront in the war chasing enemy marksmen. The first item, hunt the bloodthirst ax so your skills can become life stealing. Initially, you can clear the lane up or down. Then use Skill 1 to tag the enemy and hunt with the ultimate skill, then Skill 2 to do higher damage. Often kidnap enemies in the center lane and use the jungle emblem as it can increase movement damage and attack speed on the jungle.

3. Akai

Akai mlbb

For those of you who don’t have it, remember to save with a ticket and buy Akai with a ticket so you can save gold and buy another hero with gold. Well, Akai is a solid hero for the entire team. He can break the enemy, kidnap the enemy, and strike hard. For those of you who are a little stiff, it’s really hard to control. But the trick is very simple. Buy Akai shoes at the beginning and stay in the lane until level 4. At this point, try to combine Skill 1 and Ulti so you can kidnap enemies into the tower. Make sure you repay the enemy using skill 2 as well. Always help lane friends and kidnap enemies with their ultimate ability.

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4. Claude

Claude mlbb

For those of you who like Marksman, Claude can be an interesting choice alongside Granger. Because with Claude you can accelerate fast enough and help your friends win the fight. Thanks to his passive ability, Dexter helps Claude deal damage to the opponent’s hero. Then Skill 1 increases movement and attack speed by 3.5% and can be stacked up to 10 times. And his ultimate blazing duo deals area damage to opponents, which is suitable in combination with Skill 2, can mirror the image with skill, so that it can be kidnapped or run away. They just make sure you get up quickly, with forest and alley. Quickly buy demon shoes boots for mana regeneration, then buy demon hunter sword. Make sure to repay the enemy with the Art of Thievery skill and basic attack as it will speed up the push skills. You can also play Hit n Run near the tower. So you can be sure to use the Last Hit Attack option!

5. Xborg

xborg mlbb

Xborg is what will save you easily as long as your team can play well. This Xborg hero is a regeneration type and burst damage, good for solo lanes and guarding the tower. You need to focus on your xborg game by helping your team like Warrior Boots, Bloodlust Ax and Quenn’s Wings. They make sure Firaga Armor Xborg is active so that it can take all the damage without reducing Xborg’s maximum HP. Stay in the thrust lane and help your team on the other lane. Help your friends in the war, use Ulty to shoot fire around him. You can do enormous damage with ulti. Remember, if the Xborg armor figure has been destroyed, you have to be careful not to be eliminated by the enemy.

Now you understand correctly Hmm, hopefully you get better at ML! And can quickly rise to the Mitich level Hihihi ..

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