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Deadliest and most painful free fire weapon

In the free fire game, there are different types of weapons that you can play with. Of course, not all weapons have strong and good abilities. However, if you have these weapons, it is very possible to take out the enemy with just 1 shot.

The rating of a weapon is based on the combat distance and also on the duration of the combat that can be played in the game, not on the damage caused by the weapon. The following is an explanation of the deadliest and sickest weapon in the Free Fire (FF) game. Let’s take a look at the review.



The first recommended weapon should be from the Semi Machine Gun (SMG) category. This weapon is suitable for use when fighting at short or medium range. One of the recommended half machine guns is the MP5. This weapon already has a very high accuracy and rate of fire and has a stable recoil. The bullets you drop when using this weapon will run smoothly without the muzzle of the weapon shifting.

MP5 specifications

  • Damage: 48
  • Range: 27
  • Magazines: 30
  • Rate of fire: 69
  • Reload speed: 62
  • Accuracy: 53


Free firearms

When fighting enemies at close range, you will have to use this weapon, which is the M1014 weapon, which is a shotgun. Compared to other melee weapons, the M1014 is the most painful weapon and does the most damage and has a high level of accuracy.

M1014 specifications

  • Damage: 94
  • Range: 10
  • Magazines: 6
  • Rate of fire: 38
  • Reload speed: 20
  • Accuracy: 10


Free firearms

The assault rifle type weapon is one of the most painful free fire weapons that can do the most damage or harm. This weapon is perfect for quickly defeating enemies in close to medium range combat. While it can do considerable damage, the recoil from this weapon is pretty bad. The bullets you shoot against can go wild and reduce the accuracy of your shot.

AK47 specifications

  • Damage: 61
  • Range: 72
  • Magazines: 30
  • Rate of fire: 56
  • Reload speed: 41
  • Accuracy: 41



Still of the same type of weapon, namely the assault rifle, this time there is a weapon that is a better version of the AK47, namely the M14. The main reason is that this weapon can do a lot of damage and its recoil is better too. This makes the accuracy of this shot much more precise than the AK47. This weapon is suitable for use in medium to long-range combat, in fact this weapon is almost similar to an MP5 weapon in terms of accuracy and stability.

M14 Spesifikasi specifications

  • Damage: 71
  • Range: 76
  • Magazines: 15
  • Rate of fire: 43
  • Reload speed: 41
  • Accuracy: 77



This semi-sniper type weapon can be one of your favorite weapons. This weapon has a sufficient range of fire and also has a very strong power when firing. This weapon is also suitable for beginners and is easy to find in the game. SCAR guns work even better when used with Foregrip as they have quite a high recoil.

SCAR specifications

  • Damage: 53
  • Range: 60
  • Magazines: 30
  • Rate of fire: 61
  • Reload speed: 41
  • Accuracy: 42



If you want to secretly attack the enemy, you can use this VSS weapon. This weapon does not make a sound so that the enemy does not know that it will be a target. The rate of fire of this weapon is fast enough for this weapon to protect you when pressed against the enemy.

VSS specifications

  • Damage: 50
  • Range: 84
  • Magazines: 15
  • Rate of fire: 48
  • Reload speed: 55
  • Accuracy: 90


Free firearms

One of the most powerful and sickest types of Free Fire weapons in the game is the AWM Snipper. This weapon is one that is always with you and getting this weapon is quite difficult. The main reason is that this weapon has several advantages, ranging from the longest firing distance to the greatest damage done.

AWM specifications

  • Damage: 90
  • Range: 91
  • Magazines: 5
  • Rate of fire: 27
  • Reload speed: 34
  • Accuracy: 90

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Shut down

It is the deadliest and most painful weapon of free fire. How about some Vexa friends, are you interested in using any of the guns on this list? Until next time.

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