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Counter tips to beat heroine Natalia

Now that Nata has been reworked by Moonton, Natalia’s ability which is now very deadly and frustrates you because it is difficult to pick up this Nata and especially if you are a mm user you need to be overshadowed by an exclamation mark which means that Natalia make sure that you are defeated. You have to be annoyed if you are continuously eliminated by this Nata, especially in the late game, Natalia is very overwhelmed, even 3 heroes at once can be eliminated by this Nata. For those of you who hate Natalia’s heroes, don’t worry, I’ll share tips on how to beat this Natalia assassin. Look at that!.

If the tips on defeating Hero Natalia mean that we will have to look for the weaknesses of the hero Natalia. Now Natalia is a hero-assassin who can disappear between the bushes. They know that in Type Hero Assassin they will target their opponent’s core hero like shooter, mage or assassin. Natalia is now often used by Mobile Legends players because of her naturally overpowering abilities. Well, so Natalia is a creepy hero-assassin for sniper users.

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Tips for defeating the very OP heroine Natalia Assassin

1. An exclamation mark means that Natalia exists.
For the problem of the weakness of the heroine Natalia, despite being superior, she certainly has the same weaknesses as other heroes of the assassin type. Although Natalia has a deadly damaging skill, using this Natalia requires bushes or grass to disappear. Natalia needs the bushes to disappear, to take in your core hero. So Natalia’s weakness, she can’t pick up your hero without disappearing first. However, when Natalia has disappeared and is near us, an “exclamation mark” will appear on the head of our hero, which means that Natalia is around our hero. If the exclamation point is “orange”, it means that Natalia is watching us, but if the exclamation point is “yellow”, Natalia is even in the same position right next to our hero. When we’re that close, we have to use our hero skills so that Natalia can be seen and we can harm Natalia, wow, that’s hard. Calm down, but when Natalia is around, Natalia will be seen weakly so that we can pursue Natalia. So the weakness of Natalia’s hero, when you are around our hero, an exclamation mark will appear and it will also be visible, although vague folks. So try, if there is an exclamation point, you can use spam skills so Natalia can be seen and eliminated folks.

2. Natalia is weak against Hero Lock.
So, all of the types of assassins you know are not all invincible, they all have advantages and disadvantages. Natalia is very weak against anesthesia and for those of you who want to beat this Natalia. If the enemy chooses Natalia, then we need to find the right hero, e.g. B. a hero of the crowd control or a hero to defeat Natalia like Hylos, Kaja, Yi Sun Shin, Lesley and Aldous.

3. Natalia focuses on the opponent’s core hero.
So since he focuses on your core heroes like shooters, mages, etc., you can prevent our core heroes from being attacked by Natalia, right? I mentioned the hero who can defeat Natalia above so that you can use him to target Natalia.

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Counter Hero Natalia Revamp

1. Hero crowd control.

The crowd control heroes capable of countering Natalia are Hylos and Kaja. Hero Hylos and Kaja are tanker-type heroes. Hylos and Kaja are types of tanks that Natalia can detect by spending Skill 2 from Hylos, which can damage nearby enemies, and Kaja, who can deal damage with Skill 1, which can damage nearby enemies. Although this damage cannot eliminate Natalia, it can detect Natalia’s whereabouts, so our main hero can eliminate Natalia and save our main hero from Natalia’s attack. For those of you who already think Natalia is a scary heroine, she says she is the most feared, now you can use Hylos and Kaja.

2. Hero lock.
That castle hero or castle hero for Natalia’s counter are Lesley and Yin Sun Shin. While this is a little less effective as it relies only on that hero’s ultimate ability, it is very useful for tracking down enemy heroes who are hiding around us. When Lesley and Yi Sun Shin face Natalia’s hero, don’t worry, just use the ultimate ability to track Natalia so your friends can find out the enemy’s location and help out of Natalia’s ambush. When using this hero try not to be far from your friends or just ask to be escorted because if you walk past one with Natalia you will definitely lose. With the ultimate skill and the help of your friends, this Natalia heroine can defeat just that, guys.

These are the weaknesses and tips to defeat Natalia Revamp and Counter Hero to defeat Natalia. Might be useful.

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