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Cool free fire sets that must be used

Free fire set – Over time, the existence of free fire games is becoming increasingly known by its users. The free fire game itself is one of those battle royale games that challenges you enough to survive and become a winner.

The virus from this game has gotten into various kinds of essays on children or adults.

Free fire games are pretty simple and free so they can be enjoyed by different groups of people. In addition, the items sold in this free fire game are also very cheap compared to some other games.

Cool free fire set
Cool free fire set

When we talk about free fire, it is incomplete if it does not wet the leaves in it.

In addition, buying wood is one of the games where events often take place. Here are some combinations of Set Free Fire that are pretty cool and recommended for you.

Cool free fire sets that must be used

Similar to PUBG

The first combo, which is pretty cool and easy, is actually more geared towards the rival game Free Fire, PUBG. You can use survival shoes, combat pants, work time clothes, blue art masks, and breakdancing hair.

This combination can be purchased through the shop in the free Fire game, but you cannot get clothes for working hours in the shop as it is limited.

Similar to MR 13 and Manay

The second color combination is often used by pro players like Mr.13 and Manay and they always use this combination color in almost every free fire competition. You can try using flip flop sandals, command pants, bat life goggles, top gamer clothes, and a cool captain hat.

Similar to Cepcil

If you’re a fan of YouTuber Cepcil, you may already know this combination color very well. You can use flip-flop sandals, plague doctor ceana, arctic blue masks, full arm tattoos, and surf rider hair.

These are some combinations of Set Free Fire that you can use to make your appearance in the game cooler. Almost all items with which arrangements can be made can be found in the shop.

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