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Configure Mobile Legends 60 FPS Anti-Lag!

Hi friends, this time I’m going to share the latest Anti-Lag Mobile Legends (ml) configuration. Playing games will certainly be fun if there is no interference, interference in the form of high ping, FPS drop to broken isn’t much fun.

Configure Mobile Legends 60 FPS Anti-Lag!

Many ML players experience delays playing Mobile Legends even though the ping is good and low. This could mean that an ml setting is incompatible with your device. To overcome this, you can use the latest anti-lag ml configuration to make it work smoothly and not break again.

There are many benefits to using the latest 60 fps ml configuration, namely it makes Mobile Legends load faster, games run at 60 fps, pings and signals do well, games feel smoother, textures are compressed or shrunk.

This anti-lag Mobile Legends configuration is also very safe and anti-banned as this script doesn’t change much of the ml file’s contents and only optimizes files so that we can play Mobile Legends smoothly.

Latest Anti Lag Mobile Legends Config

Before installing the configuration, it would be nice if we prepared the following materials.

Download config ml Anti-Lag

After downloading the two files, here are the next steps:

How to install Mobile Legends anti-lag configuration

1. Make sure you have installed the ZArchiver application.

2. Open the application and extract the configuration file downloaded above.

3. Open the extracted folder and move the configuration to Internal storage> Android> Data> com.mobilelegends> Files> Dragon2017> Assets

4th Do not forget the option “Do it with all files“Then just click change.

Yes, this is how to install the latest Mobile Legends 2021 anti-lag configuration. Now all you have to do is try to run the game and play the game if there is a difference.

If this method is useful, don’t forget to hit the share button because sharing is very important and you are great.

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