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Complete Ghillie Bush Kill 10 Enemy FF this way

How to Complete Ghillie Bush Kill 10 Enemy Mission – In the Free Fire game, you must already know the term Elite Pass, right? Yes, this Elite Pass is a kind of monthly membership that allows you to have more items, including premium items.

To purchase these items, you must first collect badges. You can only get these badges by completing the specified Elite Pass mission.

This elite pass mission consists of missions with different levels of difficulty. There are Elite Pass missions that are rated as easy, medium, and even hard.

Ghillie Bush Kill 10 enemy FFs
Ghillie Bush Kill 10 enemy FFs

According to most Free Fire players, the toughest Elite Pass mission right now is the Ghillie Bush Mission. In this mission you have to play in classic mode and use the ghillie bush to kill 10 enemies.

Ghillie Bush in FF Is

Before you even dive into completing Ghillie Bush missions, the first thing you need to know is what a Ghillie Bush is. This ghillie bush is a kind of item that is used to see you at one with the outside world.

When you use a ghillie bush, it looks like a bush that blends in with the surroundings. This ghillie bush is used to outsmart the enemy so that you don’t get ambushed by the enemy.

While this item is very useful in battlefields, quite a few Free Fire players complain about the difficulty of finding Ghillie Bush. This is because ghillie bush can generally only be found in water droplets.

How to complete missions using Ghillie Bush to kill 10 enemies

The recommended way to get Ghillie Bush is by using Bounty Tokens. After using the bounty token, you can fall into the blue zone. This way, the chances of getting a ghillie bush will be even greater.

After getting the ghillie bush, the next step is to kill the enemy. You need to know that the ghillie bush you are using is very vulnerable to enemy attack. With just two or three shots, the ghillie bush you are using can be destroyed.

To minimize the destruction of the ghillie bush, you need to play stealth. You can move quickly by car because it would be very uncomfortable if the enemy saw the bushes running.

Hide behind trees or walls, then kill enemies from afar. Reduce activities that involve entering buildings. Because the enemy becomes suspicious when he sees the bushes in the house or building.

In this way we can complete the enemy Ghillie Bush kill 10 mission that we can broker. S.

Hopefully the method we shared can be useful and you can practice it right away. Hope you are successful and can fully complete this Elite Pass mission.

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