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Cold Steel Free Fire Mode, Fun Mode must be played!

Cold Steel Free Fire mode – One of the unique modes in Free Fire game is Cold Steel mode. This Cold Steel mode had launched a few months ago and had caught the attention of FF players.

This is because the way of playing in Cold Steel mode is quite unique as players cannot freely use weapons as they normally would.

There is only one type of weapon in this cold steel mode, which is a knife.

With this knife-shaped weapon, players are encouraged to fight at shorter distances, which makes the game more exciting.

Cold Steel Free Fire mode

In this Cold Steel mode, 10 players gather in a circular area to fight each other. To be a winner in this Cold Steel mode, you have to collect 20 kills within 5 minutes.

Cold Steel Free Fire mode
Mode Cold Steel FF

Whoever collects 20 kills fastest wins this Cold Steel mode. However, if no player has accumulated 20 kills within 5 minutes, the player with the most kills automatically wins.

If the enemy manages to defeat you in this mode, you can still bounce back at another location.

Surgical bladed weapon in Cold Steel mode Free fire

The cold steel mode only offers a knife as a weapon that you can use to defeat the enemy. You can defeat enemies by throwing knives at existing enemies. You can hold a maximum of three knives.

However, they can salvage knives from dead enemies. The knife used in this mode can be said to be overwhelmed as it does a lot of damage.

This knife can even be described as more vicious than AWM weapons, because the enemy can die with just one knife.

In Cold Steel mode there is also a rain mode, in which the movement of the player is slowed down when it rains. These rainy conditions don’t last long, so you’ll have to take advantage of them to defeat enemies whose movements are slowing down.

Even if your movement will also slow down, you can still easily defeat the enemy if you have high accuracy. Playing this mode will allow you to improve your accuracy skills as knife throwing requires high accuracy.

That’s the whole discussion about Cold Steel’s Free Fire mode. In the previous article, we discussed how to get date tokens in free fire. check it out too!

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