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Cheap and Latest Mobile Legend Games Banner Advertising Services 2021

Still confused about the brand you make that not a lot of people know about? Don’t worry, Mimin TeknoGeng has a solution. not only focus on creating article content like Mobile Legends but also work with business people to establish a collaboration to market their products / services online, especially online through the website.

Well! Since is a media portal website that specifically deals with the topic of Mobile Legends Games, we as the administrator of the TeknoGeng website offer website Advertising space advertised on the website Cool and cool this.

Advantages of the media portal website

Before starting a more detailed explanation, there are some TeknoGeng benefits that appear on Google search in particular that you need to understand. Well, now Mobile Legends games are liked and demanded by a lot of people, especially in Indonesia. But for many enthusiasts, it is certain that the number of users will increase, especially Mobile Legends users, both beginners, intermediaries and pro gamers.

Everyone must have forgotten, right? Well, including Mimin who often forgets, especially when you want to play Mobile Legends games because they have a container like the Dairy Book. So with mimin read back strategy those who forget what they usually do and even friends who ask questions always suggest the most complete and high quality site for discussion.

1. The total traffic increases organically

The traffic that TeknoGeng generates must always increase, especially problems organic traffic. And maybe you’re the smart one who knows the amount Traffic compotter now it can be recognized by Tools Third party fee, but every third party tool is not very accurate, there are downsides and the most powerful one is Tools Internal likes Google Analytics self.

2. Most of the traffic generated by Organic Games

Since the main focus of the TeknoGeng website is to present content or information about games, then traffic most games, especially Mobile Legends.

3. Full articles and updates

Presenting complete content is the main thing of TeknoGeng, because complete articles definitely bring big profits. Therefore, your targeted advertising on TeknoGeng will fit the theme of Mobile Legends Games exactly. The team too TechnoGang always Update in relation to the development of the game world.

4. SEO score 90-100 (perfect)

Online business is very necessary, called SEO, SEO is very necessary for online business, especially long term. The role of SEO cannot only be for users (UX), Google friendly have to be kept in mind. Because that will be the success of your product / service online. With the SEO Score from TeknoGeng, it will have a long-term as well as short-term effect in terms of the content placement event.

The benefits you get

The name is a business too, you definitely have a good advantage developing in an online business especially on digital marketing terms. TeknoGeng is sure to keep this business going and provide benefits for both parties.

The advantages of a business relationship / cooperation with us are:

1. Products / services known quickly

The absolute goal of online business is online because TeknoGeng has quite a lot of organic traffic. Then our target group will help us quickly. More information about games Mobile legends and other.

2. Improve SEO

SEO issues are an important factor in terms of online business so of course you will get good quality from the technical side of SEO while working with TeknoGeng, including Backlinks active (No spam). Because the technology media portal that we take care of every day has so much to do with SEO. This will of course increase SEO, especially the value of DA (website trust is seen by Google).

3. Increase conversions

Of course, placing ads like banners will increase conversions or purchase value if your business is related to the purchase of products. Just like the marketing of smartphone products that certainly need specific goals and unique designs in order to generate conversions. In addition, the product becomes all the more popular and well-known.

How to order

You can order from TeknoGeng by WhatsApp Business Chat or by email, here are the contacts:

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