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Charge Black Desert Mobile, here's how

How to charge Black Desert Mobile ?? Recently, the newly released Black Desert Mobile game has become the target of many game lovers. This game is indeed unique and different from any other game that has ever existed. Lots of interesting features and challenging missions in this game. Of course, in order to play more interestingly, a lot is needed for the characters to play.

Black Desert Mobile Recharge Official Website

In order to make your game character stronger for use in the game, you will need some special items. Usually these items need to be purchased and you can do so by: Charge Black Desert Mobile, so it can be done.

How to charge Black Desert Mobile

You can top up a coin for the Black Desert game and here is how.

You can buy coins first.

  1. Go to and log in with your ID
  2. Once inside, open the top up menu at
  3. Then you can select the zGold MolPoints direct top-up or the green button. If an error occurs, you can click on the Allow Popup option that will appear in your browser.
  4. Enter the serial number and PIN provided by the seller and also add the captcha.
  5. Click OK when the Acoin replenishment is successful, make sure the Acoin amount received is the same as the amount you bought for this game
  6. When it’s done, you can review your Acoin purchase.

To make top-up transactions, this Black Desert game mainly uses Acoin. The prices that are assessed also vary, usually each place of the transaction has its own price tag. There is also a starting price of 9000 rupiah per coin. This purchase can be customized to suit your needs in this game

How easy enough is it not to buy Acoin? charge gam bdm? This Acoin purchase is only for this BDM game and cannot be used on any other game. So if you want to top up easily and quickly, you can use Acoin.

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