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Can attract many opponents! This is the new hero ability in Atlas Mobile Legends | Games – Moonton has released a new tank hero on Advance Server Mobile Legends. The new hero is called Atlas, Ocean Gladiator. This ability from Atlas Mobile Legends is quite unique and dangerous, gang.

This new hero has the ability like Franco that can attract opponents. But Atlas can attract many enemy targets at the same time, since his abilities are extensive. With this ability, Atlas is a new hero who is considered an OP aisle.

Atlas Mobile Legends skills

This atlas contains tanks that have very good initiation skills. This is also reflected in his specialty, namely initiator / crowd control. On top of that, he also has pretty high skill effect and durability.

Are you curious about the skills of this new Atlas hero? Let’s see a review of Atlas Mobile Legends Hero Skill below.

Passive skills: Cold breath

Atlas will create Cold breath around him every time he used a skill. This cold breath is like a mist that surrounds Atlas’s body.

Enemies staying in the fog for more than 1 second will be affected dragging by 40%. Enemies can get out of the fog to avoid the effects dragging. We can use skills flash or Line to get out of the fog.

Atlas Mobile Legends skills

This fog is only generated once in 3 seconds. This skill can only become active after 3 seconds. With this ability, Atlas is a hero who needs to spam skills so we can activate this passive often.

This skill is certainly very useful for stopping the movement of enemies trying to escape. In addition, this skill is an area that we can use to Team fight.

Skill 1: Destroy

Atlas will hit the ground around him, causing 3 explosions. Every explosion will occur 250 (+ 70% total magic power) how Magical damage to the opponent.

If we are using skill 2, we can also use skill 1.

Skill 2: Perfect match

Atlas comes out Mecha Guardian in the direction we have specified. Atlas gets extra Speed ​​of movement by 30%. In the meantime, Mecha Sentry will follow the updated atlas Speed ​​of movement-his.

Atlas will return to the mecha sentry when they meet and give Magical damage as big as 360 (+ 55% total magic power) on surrounding targets, as well as causing an effect numb for 1 second.

Atlas and Mecha Sentry share the same HP bar in this mode and get Damage reduction by 50%.

We can use this ability when we want to unite Atlas with Mecha Sentry faster.

If Skill 2 is active, we can also use Skill 1. So that 6 explosions are generated later, consisting of 3 explosions for Atlas and 3 explosions for Mecha Sentry. Mecha Sentry itself also creates fog from passive abilities.

Ultimate Skills: Deadly Links

Atlas threw chains at all the surrounding heroes and started to do charge. Enemies hit by the chain are slowed by 60% (slowly decreasing for 3 seconds).

Use this ability to attract all the targets while they are charging and throw them to the place we indicate by giving Magical damage as big as 300 (+ 200% total magic power).

We haven’t tried to see if this ultimate ability can be thwarted by Atlas when charging with CC. If it can’t be CC, then Atlas will likely be used a lot and even locked automatically.

The existence of Atlas on the Advance Server will see many changes before it is finally published on the original server. Perhaps Moonton should weaken his ultimate so he doesn’t attract a lot of enemies.

You have to be patient to play this Atlas hero, gang. Because there are two heroes who have to go to the original server first, namely Carmilla and Cecilion. It is possible that the new Atlas hero will be released on the original server in March 2021. So be patient, guys ^^

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