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Calamity Reaper Holy Crystal ML Horrible Combo Items

Most magical heroes do not rely on simple attacks and rely more on skills. One of the mage heroes who pretty much relies on simple attacks is Harith. Heroes who rely on simple attacks usually always use items Disaster Reaper.

This item reported by cecepkocep is a mandatory item for Harith that requires skills that can be used effectively. Because the basic attack after use will cause additional damage. Now it turns out that this item is very effective when we combine it with the Sacred Crystal Item.

You may be confused as to why this second element is so effective when combined. More when used with Harith. Ok, let’s just go over the two points one at a time.

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Basic status of the article Calamity Reaper Mobile Legends which provides additional magical power, mana, and mana regeneration. This addition is of course very useful for Harith, so we can use Spam Skill 2 more often without worrying about which one leaked.

After this Buy Calamity Reaper They also get an additional cooldown reduction, so Harith’s skill cooldown is shorter. This status is very important to you as Harith should always have very agile spam skills.

But the most important thing about this Disaster Reaper item is its passivity as it can do additional damage. Yes, required heroes receive additional true damage proportional to 120% Magical Attack. How do I activate it?

You have to attack the target with the basic attack after the skill. Well, it’s true that the damage comes from the basic attack. In addition, your basic attacks provide additional movement speed that isn’t too great.

The actual damage done by Calamity scales with the magical attack you receive. Means the actual damage from this item will be higher if you also have a very high magical attack.

Oh yes, true damage is very different from physical damage or magical damage. Because it’s true that damage stops the enemy’s defensive magic and physical defense. With the high defense that the opposing hero has, the real damage will still go in.

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You may have wondered what is the good thing about Holy Crystals. If you look at its profitable status, it’s nothing special. Because this item only offers 100 additional magical power. But the real selling point of this article lies in its passivity.

The passive on this item increases the Hero’s Magical Attack you are using by 21% to 35%. Magical attack will continue to increase as it scales with the hero’s level.

To be clear, this Holy Crystal means that it will increase your total magical attack / magic power by 35% at the maximum level. For example, if you have 1000 magical power, this passive item increases it by 35%. Means the magical power you have becomes 1350.

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When you buy a Sacred Crystal, the Calamity Reaper’s passive is greatly relieved as the true damage the target takes is greater. Because it’s true that the damage from this item is scaled with the total magical attack / power you have.

We’ll assume you have a magical power of 1350 as accepted above. The true damage of Calamity Reaper is 120% and scales with Magic Attack. You need to know that magic damage is the same as magic attack.

This means that the damage you will do after using these two items is 1350 x 120% = 2620 real damage.

So far there is no effective item to reduce the actual damage. Because real damage will still get in while the enemy has a very high level of defense. It seems that tanker users are enough when there is an enemy that has high true damage.

The combination of these two items works very well for magical heroes who like to combine skills and basic attacks. Examples are Harith, Karina, Esmeralda and Gusion.

This time, that’s the recap of the deadly combination of the two Calamity Reaper items with sacred crystals. The combination of these two items causes very high damage, so that the enemy tanker is overwhelmed. Hopefully useful and happy push rank push Mobile legends .

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