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Bunny Backpack FF: Free Items, Here's How to Get It

Bunny Backpack ff – Free Fire releases endlessly different items for loyal players to play this game by Garena. Copies classified as old or already issued will now be issued again.

Welcoming the end of the year, Garena Free Fire is distributing articles to users for free.

This time Garena is giving away a cute rabbit backpack for free.

Bunny backpack FF

This free fire bunny backpack is used as a storage bag for combat items when playing against existing enemies.

Of course, this backpack will make you look cool when you’re playing in combat.

Bunny backpack ff
Bunny backpack ff

Garena is giving away this item for free today. You can get the rabbit backpack item when you join the free fire game.

This article is very cool when used during a game. You can get this article for free.

How do I get Bunny Rucksack FF

Many users are confused about how to get this free fire bunny backpack. Here is the tutorial for you

  1. Open game Free fire
  2. Click the message menu.
  3. Select the message with the title Surprise on Sunday evening.
  4. Click Claim to Receive a Rabbit Backpack.
  5. You will automatically get a cool bunny backpack that you can use in a match to defeat the enemy.

If you can’t use the backpack item, you can follow the tutorial below

How To Use Bunny Backpack Free Fire Items

You can follow these steps to use the bunny Backpack Free Fire Item.

  1. Open the free fire game.
  2. log in to your account.
  3. Select the Collections option.
  4. Click the menu tab bag.
  5. Well, there you will find the bunny backpack that you claimed earlier.
  6. Click the item and then press the key Wear To be able to use objects

It turned out that the article was only being given away for free for the night of that weekend. As reported by Garena, you can follow Free Fire’s Instagram or social media for various information.

Be it free article information, interesting events and even promotional items that can be purchased at low prices.

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