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Bundle King Boxer Free Fire 2021, how to get it

Bundle King Boxer 2021 – Free Fire players like to collect cute bundles that can make the character look even cooler.

King Boxer is one of the cool bundles that is also the target of Free Fire players.

This bundle has been out for a long time, but this time it’s back at an event called KO Night Burn.

Bundle King Boxer 2021
Event rewards

In this KO Night Burn event, you can opt for cool permanent bundle prizes, including King Boxer.

How to get the King Boxer Bundle

Getting this bundle is very easy because all you have to do is spin it at the KO Night – Burn event.

To get King Boxer FF you need a diamond.

That means if you don’t have diamonds you have to top up first to get King Boxer.

If you already have a diamond, you can make sure that the diamond you have is enough to get King Boxer FF or not.

How much diamond do you get for the King Boxer Bundle?

The number of diamonds to spin in this KO Night Burn free fire event varies.

If you just do a spin or two and get a King Boxer, all you need is a couple of diamonds.

You can get the first spin in the King Boxer event by removing 9 diamonds, then the next spin further increases to 19, 29, 99, 149 and finally 899 diamonds.

If you just got the King Boxer Bundle on the last spin it means you need 1,224 diamonds.

Prizes in the KO Night Burn Event Event

In addition to the King Boxer, there are many prizes to choose from at the KO Night Burn event. Below is a list of the prizes you can get at the KO Night Burn event:

First price

  • King boxer
  • Queen boxer package
  • Bundle KO Night-Burn
  • Sea lion
  • KAR98K – Rebel Arcade
  • 5x Loot box AK47 Flaming Dragon

Second prize

  • 5x incubator vouchers
  • 5x loot box of flames skull
  • 5x swallowtail weapon loot box
  • Heart angel
  • Emote shooting dance
  • Arm movement emotes

How to get the KO Night Burn Event for M. turnsreceive King Boxer Package

Turning to get the KO Night Burn bundle is very easy. How to Get King Boxer Free Fire 2021:

  1. Go to the Events menu in the Free Fire game, then click the News button, then click KO Night – Burn.
  2. Click Choose Grand Prix, then you can choose King Boxer. Once you’ve selected this, you can click the Next button.
  3. Now you need to select the second prize that you would like to receive from the KO Night – Burn event. Then press the Next button.
  4. A confirmation popup will appear. When you are sure that you want to receive King Boxer, you can click the Next button.
  5. Click the Click To Spin button to start spinning. You can spin until you get the kung boxer package.

This is how you get the King Boxer, which we can convey on this occasion.

So hopefully you are lucky that you didn’t spend 1,224 diamonds to get the King Boxer Bundle.

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