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Build Valir Udil Api 300 million boyy

Hi folks, welcome back to Bangudinpro Review, thank you guys!
Today I am sure to give you more information about Mobile Legends heroes. This time I will be giving the Painful Udil Valir Build in Mobile Legends.

Build Valir Udil Strongs

Valir is an easy-to-use specialist in Damage Guard hero mages. Valir has Ability 1 that can send Fireball in the specified direction. The fireball will explode, inflicting magical damage on the opponent and if the fireball’s first target is the opponent’s hero, the electricity will get the fireball stack back. In addition to this, Valir also has Ability 2 that can release a stream of fire forward, dealing magical damage and causing a knockback effect. Valir also has the ultimate skill that can remove all CC effects and buff the damage skills of Chest Fireball and Searing Electricity. AE Udil, who used this Valir hero against Onic Esport in MPL ID Season 6, brought Alter Ego to victory. This time I will be giving Build Valir AE Udil in MPL ID Season 6, check this out !.

The following items are hero Valir, son of the flames.

Arcane boots
The first item in this Valir Udil build is arcane boots. Now this shoe item can deal additional magical piercing damage. So this item can be used by Valir heroes who can offer maximum damage abilities. For those of you who want to use this Valir hero, you can purchase arcane boot items.

Glowing wand
The second item in this Valir Udil build is a glowing wand. This item is a magical item that can grant additional magical power and also causes a burning or fire effect on enemies affected by damage for 3 seconds. If you get this item and apply a skill on a dying enemy, the enemy will be definitely eliminated as this glowing wand item does additional burning damage and can increase if it again deals damage to the same hero in a short amount of time for all the skills you have , Hero Valir.

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Necklace of the Durance
The third item in this Valir Udil build is the Neklace of Durance item. This item is a magical item that can provide additional magical power, magical lifesteal, and cooldown reduction. In addition, this item has a passive ability that reduces the opponent’s rain effect with skill damage. You can use this item to help the team weaken HP Rain from enemy core heroes so that they can be easily defeated.

Frozen wand
The fourth item in this Valir Udil build is the Frozen Wand. This item is a magical item that deals bonus magical damage and can also slow enemies. This ice queen wand is very suitable for Valir as it does a lot of damage and therefore requires slow items for Valir’s opponent to take sustained damage. This item allows you to deal full damage to enemy Heroes affected by this item’s slowdown so that the enemy can be eliminated. In addition, this item also gives a slow effect, the item also offers additional magical power, mana, movement speed and also magical lifesteal, so it is very suitable for Valir.

Holy crystal
The fifth item in this Valir Udil build is a Holy Crystal Item. This item is the core item of a hero mage that can dramatically increase magical power. This item can increase the damage significantly and also increase as the hero level increases. Items are suitable for Valir who can do a lot of damage to enemies, guys !.

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The final item in this Valir build is an immortality item. This item is a defense item that must be used by Valir as this item will allow you to level up again after a defeat. Hence, this item is also clearly mandatory in order to provide additional HP as well as physical defense. You can protect your team’s heroes by sacrificing them, but this item can help come back to life after defeat. So you can buy immortality because aside from defending yourself, it’s just in case you are rounded up by the enemy.

This is the Strong Udil Valir Build

Udil valir object Strongs

Okay come here first guys! Next, I’m going to give you more information about mobile legend heroes. If there are any suggestions as to which hero guides you would like to discuss, you can contact me using the contact form below. I’ll check out the hero guides later, ok!
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