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Build the strongest Tigreal Mobile legends and tips

The strongest Tigreal Mobile Legends build and has become a popular tank lately. Tigreal is the captain of the Moniyan Knight’s Order of the Imperial Empire. His dream since childhood was to become a great knight of the realm. His determination to protect the entire Land of Dawn has always led Tigreal to keep training every day. This made him even stronger and invincible, and made him the captain with the highest potential in the entire order of knights. Tigreal’s long struggle for strength continues.

Tigreal is a tank role hero who specializes in crowd control. It has a very long shelf life. Tigreal is a pretty old tank that has been around since Mobile Legends’ early release. Even so, its capabilities remain unbeatable compared to the new tanks that keep popping up. Tigreal are able to offer their teammates a great chance of victory. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with Vexa friends who are interested in learning more about this tank hero. Its popularity as a tank never runs out and all its skills are always able to defeat the enemy.

The strongest skills, builds, and tips from Tigreal Mobile Legends

Build Tigreal Mobile Legends
Source: Youtube Mobile Legends Gaming

Now is the right time to learn the strongest Tigreal Mobile Legends build before Vexa fans know all of the capabilities of this one tank. The Tigreal Mobile Legends build is the mainstay of Gen | Tig this time around, from which Vexa fans can experience the great gameplay. Vexa friends can also combine this build with Vexa’s flagship build to make it even more powerful. Here is Gen | Tig’s strongest Tigreal Mobile Legends build that Vexa fans can use as an example:

Build Tigreal Mobile Legends
Source: Youtube Mobile Legends Gaming
  • Shadow mask
  • Robust boots
  • Athena shield
  • Antique cuirass
  • immortality
  • Dominance ice

If you think Vexa doesn’t fit the build, don’t worry. There are other builds for Tigreal that Vexa fans can trust. This is the Tigreal Mobile Legends build presented by Moonton and it’s featured on the official Mobile Legends website. Vexa friends can judge for themselves whether the build fits the gameplay of Vexa Buddy or not. Here are other Tigreal Mobile Legends builds Vexa friends can mimic:

Build Tigreal Mobile Legends
Source: Mobile Legends Official

There are also other builds for Tigreal that you can use, Vexa friends for example, here are the strongest builds for Tigreal Mobile Legends by Jess No Limit:

  • Warrior boots
  • Dominance ice
  • Shadow mask
  • Wings of the Apocalypse Queen
  • immortality
  • Skyguard’s helmet

The strongest ability in Tigreal Mobile Legends

Before learning the Tigreal build, it is important for Vexa friends to know all of the capabilities of this one tank. By learning all Tigreal skills, Vexa friends can find out what type of build is right and can assist Tigreal skills. This will also make it easier for Vexa Friends to adapt it to the Vexa Buddy gameplay. Therefore, it is very important for Vexa Friends to know all of these powerful and unique Tigreal skills. Here are all of the Tigreal skills Vexa friends need to learn first:


Passive Skill: Fearless

Tigreal gains an immune effect on the next basic attack after using a skill or being hit several times by a basic attack (except for vassals). He receives 1 stacking blessing when he uses a skill or receives a basic attack. The immune effect is activated when Tigreal receives a total of 4 stack blessings.

Skill 1: Attack Wave

Tigreal threw the attack wave in the direction he indicated. Can deal damage of 300 (+80 percent total physical ATK) and slow the enemy by 40 percent for 2 seconds.

Skill 2: Holy Hammer

Tigreal storms or pushes the opponent in the direction given by him. Using this skill again can give the enemy an air effect. The charge Tigreal carries out deals (+100 percent total physical ATK) physical damage. 4 seconds after charging, he can perform a second attack that deals 280 (+60 percent total physical damage) physical damage and gives an air bone effect for 1 second.

Ultimate ability: implosion

Tigreal pulls all enemies around and then causes them to stunt. It is capable of dealing 270 (+130 percent total physical ATK) physical damage and stunt effects for 1.5 seconds. This skill can be canceled with transformation and air bone effects.

Tips for using Tigreal Mobile Legends

In addition to learning the strongest skills and builds of Tigreal Mobile Legends, Vexa friends need to learn other things as well. Namely tips on how to use Tigreal Mobile Legends, which can be very useful in later games and make Vexa Buddy gameplay more professional. If Vexa friends would like to find out more about tips on using Tigreal Mobile Legends, please visit Parents Gaming’s Youtube account. Here is a round-up of tips for using Tigreal Mobile Legends that Vexa friends should know:


Tigreal has several unique abilities, he can distance and get closer to the target in front of him. This can be beneficial to teammates if Tigreal manages to push or get closer to the target of the targeted opponent. When using Tigreal, you need to know the correct position to outsmart and surprise your opponent. Tigreal can emerge from behind the grass and push all opponents close to his teammates in order to get to the finish. Or put Tigreal in front of teammates to protect them from enemy attacks. Always see the state of the opposing formation and keep communicating with the attack plan team.

Master skill 2

Tigreal has its own privileges in this 2nd skill, especially if Vexa’s friend manages to master it skillfully. Vexa friends must be able to use this 2 skill to push the opponent towards the tower or achieve a crowd control effect. There are so many uses for Tigreal’s 2nd Skill, either by combining skill combinations or combinations with teammates. Therefore, maximize the use of Tigreal skills so that Vexa friends can become the tank the enemy is most afraid of.

Maximizing flicker

Flicker can be a fitting spell for Tigreal. He has some kind of ability that requires him to approach the opponent. Using Flicker can surprise opponents and make Tigreal’s actions easier to start. Combos with skills and flicker are also very good for Tigreal, he has all the skills that are perfect to get the perfect combo with the flicker spell.

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Shut down

Vexa friends already know many things about Tigreal that Vexa friends can practice in later matches. For Vexa aficionados who are new to using Tigreal, it is a good idea to practice first so you can put that one tank hero to good use. Tigreal is a tank figure who can be very useful to his teammates, no wonder he can always be a reliable tank. Play the game wisely and rest. If you want to share something with Vexa friends, e.g. B. Tips, tricks and reviews, please share them in the comment column. OK!

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