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Build the strongest Roger Mobile Legends, Deadly Hunter

The most powerful build of Roger Mobile Legends is a character who was once the Empire’s most respected warrior but has now evolved into a skilled hunter. He has a weakness, namely his stubbornness, besides he has a high motivation for justice. Roger is determined to protect the people from the threat posed by the White Fang, who rules witchcraft and the army of wolves. This is what causes Roger to turn into a wolf when he tries to save Ruby.

Roger has a unique hero role, he can transform into a shooter or a fighter depending on his form. This hero has been around long since the advent of Mobile Legends, so old gamers need to know the history of Roger’s game. Even today there are many who use Roger in games. Especially with the support of the strongest Roger Mobile Legends build, he naturally becomes the most dangerous figure.

Build the strongest Roger Mobile Legends

Roger gameplay

It’s a good time to find out the strongest Roger Mobile Legends build. The strongest build of Roger Mobile Legends this time around is the mainstay of Jess No Limit to try for your next gameplay with Roger. Here is the strongest Roger Mobile Legends build for Jess No Limit that you can emulate.

Build the strongest Roger Mobile Legends
Build the strongest Roger Mobile Legends, Deadly Hunter
  • Flame Hunter’s Warrior Boots, Physical defense is increased by 5 every time you receive a basic attack
  • Wind announcer, every 5-3 seconds the normal attack hits 3 enemy units for 150-362 magic damage.
  • War ax, When you switch to combat mode and deal damage to an enemy unit, the hero’s physical attack is increased by 8 every second for 3 seconds, and physical penetration is increased by 4, up to a maximum of 8 stacks
  • Endless fight Within 3 seconds of using the skill, the next basic attack deals an additional 60% true damage to the physical attack with a 1.5 second cooldown.
  • Blade of despair, Attacking enemy units with HP below 50% increases the hero’s physical attack by 25%.
  • Wings of the apocalypse queen, reduces damage taken by 40% when HP is below 40% and increases physical lifesteal by 40%.
Build the strongest Roger Mobile Legends, Deadly Hunter

Emblem: Assassin, eliminating the enemy hero will restore 15% HP and increase movement speed by 20% for 5 seconds
Combat spells: retribution

If you feel like you don’t suit the build, there are plenty of other builds out there too. You can count on some of the strongest Roger Mobile Legends builds from the top players. Complete with rank, win rate and number of games that you can judge for yourself. Here is the strongest Roger Mobile Legends build from Roger’s top players, which can be seen as an example on the Vexa Friends Mobile Legends official website.

  1. Kazuke as always
Kazuke as always

2. Dragon X din3rrr

Dragon X din3rrr

3. 5566


The strongest skills and builds from Roger Mobile Legends, Human and Wolf

Roger himself is a fighter / marksman who can change his skills according to his form. Of course, each form or ability has its own set of advantages that you can rely on. Since it is very important to learn all of Roger skills, all Roger Mobile Legends skills can be found here.

The strongest build of Roger Mobile Legends

Passive Skill: Full Moon Curse

In human form, Roger’s basic attack can slow the enemy by 20 percent.

In the form of a wolf, Roger’s basic attack can deal additional damage equal to 5 percent of the opponent’s HP. (Up to 60 additional damage when attacking Creep

Skill 1: Open Fire / Lycan Leap

Open Fire (Human Form): Roger will fire two shots quickly, inflicting damage and slowing effects on the targeted enemy. Two shots from Roger at once can deal damage of 300 (+120 percent total physical ATK) damage. The first hunter net is the one that gives the enemy an 80 percent slowing effect for 1.5 seconds. While the second reduces the opponent’s physical defense by 10 and lasts for 5 seconds.

Lycan Pounce (Wolf Form): Roger jumps and deals damage to multiple enemies at the same time, if he attacks he is not seen and does not take any damage from the enemy. This skill deals damage of 300 (+120 percent total physical ATK) damage to 3 enemies at the same time. If Roger gets a kill or assistance with this skill, he will get an 80 percent cooldown reduction of this skill.

Skill 2: Hunter’s Step / Bloodthirsty Howl

Hunter’s Step (Human Form): Roger increases his movement speed by 50 percent for 2.5 seconds.

Bloodthirsty Howl (Wolf Form): This skill increases Roger’s attack speed by 15 percent for 5 seconds. It becomes more profitable when there are opponents with HP below 40 percent in Roger’s perspective. Then Roger increases his movement speed by 50 percent.

Ultimate Ability: Wolf Transformation / Restore Human Form

Wolf Transformation (Human Form): Roger jumps in the indicated direction and causes a slow effect on the opponent, he changes his shape into a wolf. Roger falling forward deals 200 (+100 percent additional physical ATK) physical damage and a 90 percent slowing effect that lasts 0.8 seconds. There is a passive effect when Roger is in wolf form, it increases 40 physical damage and magical defense and also increases movement speed by 40.

Restore human form (wolf form): Roger rolls in the direction indicated and transforms his form into a human. He gains a shield that can absorb 200 (+200 additional physical ATK) damage and last 1.5 seconds.

User Roger mistakes to avoid

In addition to learning the strongest skills and builds of Roger Mobile Legends, it is important that you learn about Roger’s mistakes. This is important so that you can avoid unwanted things. You can learn more about Roger’s User Errors to Avoid on HEROISGOD Youtube Account. Here’s a round-up of some of Roger’s mistakes HEROISGOD’s Vexa friends should avoid.

The strongest build of Roger Mobile Legends

Form does not adjust condition

You need to be able to pinpoint the right time to transform into a human or a wolf when using Roger. When you become an offlaner who asks you to play it safe, especially when there are 2 opponents, being in human mode is good. As a human, Roger can keep his distance, play it safe and keep the tower longer. Roger, who became Offlan, certainly couldn’t be as aggressive as Thamuz, Terizla or Uranus. You can use wolf mode when attacking farms, turtle, lord and your opponent. Given that Roger takes extra damage while in wolf mode, which is very helpful. All of this goes for Roger Offlaner, when Vexa Buddy is using Roger as a Hyper-Carry and Midlaner, it’s not so important to think about Roger’s mode, the most important thing is to do damage or adjust the conditions.

Changed timing problem

When Roger changes shape, he makes a stroke or a wink that he can either chase or run away. Transform into a wolf when you are sure you can take down the targeted enemy. Turn into a person when you run away. You can use a skill 1 solo kill combo (in human form) to have a slow effect on the enemy while destroying their armor, changing their shape to a wolf for a slow effect again, and damage to cause and continuously hit the opponent, if the opponent dies you can immediately use the skill 1 (in wolf form) This applies if you want to do a solo kill. But when it’s at war, it doesn’t matter if you turn into a wolf right away. If you want to run away you should use switch to human mode as Roger gets a pretty thick shield.

When to use Skill 1 (Wolf mode)

Roger’s first ability, when he becomes a wolf, allows him to break through anything to attack the enemy. The correct timing to use Skill 1 is when the enemy dies, especially the cooldown is very short. Try to kill your opponent with the 1 wolf skill as there is a passive effect, which is if Vexa buddy manages to kill or help you will get a cooldown reduction from this skill. Make sure to always see the opponent’s condition and always make sure that he has used his abilities or his ulti so that Roger’s attacks are not in vain later. Another benefit of Roger’s Wolf 1 skill is that he can avoid crowd control effects or blast damage from enemies.

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Shut down

Vexa friends have learned many things about Roger that are very useful when they are used in games. Keep practicing until you are Vexa good at using that one hero. Roger’s 1-wolf skill in particular is very useful when Vexa buddies need to be really sensitive or have sharp instincts to avoid sudden attacks from opponents. Play the game wisely and rest. If you want to share something with Vexa friends, e.g. B. Tips, tricks and reviews, please share them in the comment column. OK!

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