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Build the strongest and most invincible Alice Mobile Legends

The strongest build of Alice in Mobile Legends, he is a magician / tank figure. Alice is the queen of the blood demons who is the enemy of the moon elves. Estes, the king of the moon elves, is Alice’s mansa, they also fight to defend their respective missions. Alice suffered defeat and had him locked up. But then the appearance of the Twlight Orb began to devastate the Land of Dawn and became a day of freedom for Alice. He got up again and brutally chased prey.

Alice is a mage / tank heroine who specializes in onslaught / regeneration. It also has pretty high levels of durability and skill effects. Alice has seen changes that have made her stronger, now she is still a hero mage, no less competitive with new mages. Alice’s unique power is very useful for helping friends or quickly killing enemies.

The strongest skills and builds in Alice Mobile Legends

Build the strongest Alice in Mobile Legends
Source: Youtube Ax Mobile Legends

Before learning all of Alice’s skills, it’s a good time to find out the strongest Alice Mobile Legends build. The strongest build of Alice Mobile Legends is the mainstay of JELI this time around, Vexa friends can see the great JELI gameplay when using Alice. Here is the strongest build Alice Mobile Legends JELI leg that Vexa friends can use as an example:

Build the strongest Alice in Mobile Legends
Source: Youtube Ax Mobile Legends
  • Where are boots
  • Disaster Reaper
  • Holy crystal
  • Blood wing
  • Genius wand
  • Thunder belt

If you feel like you don’t fit in with the strongest Alice Mobile Legends build, there are other builds out there too. Some of the strongest Alice Mobile Legends builds are the backbone of Alice’s top players, which you can see for yourself on the Mobile Legends official website. Complete with win rate, rank, build and number of games. Here are some of the strongest builds of Alice Mobile Legends for top gamers to emulate Vexa friends:

Build the strongest Alice in Mobile Legends
Source: Mobile Legends Official

There’s another Alice’s strongest build, the build of Val. He made this build so Alice wouldn’t waste mana and stay strong. Vexa friends are free to choose what type of build is best for Vexa Buddy gameplay when using Alice. Here’s Alice’s build for Vexa friends to mimic:

  • Demon shoes
  • Clock of fate
  • Lightning stick
  • Concentrated energy
  • Blood wing
  • Holy crystal

The Strongest Alice Mobile Legends Skill Legends

After learning the Strongest Alice Mobile Legends Build, it is important for Vexa Friends to know all of the skills of that one hero mage. By learning all of Alice’s skills, Vexa friends can find out if the type of build matches Alice’s skills and strengths. Therefore it is very important for Vexa Friends to learn all of Alice’s skills. Here are all of the Alice Mobile Legends skills Vexa friends need to know:

Build the strongest Alice in Mobile Legends

Passive Skill: Blood Ancestors

When a servant dies near Alice, they produce a blood ball that Alice can absorb and permanently increase her attributes. The blood ball also increases Alice’s maximum HP by 10, it also gains an increase in cooldown reduction, magical lifesteal and movement speed permanently.

Skill 1: Flowing Blood

Alice will unleash a stream of blood in the direction she chooses, dealing damage to the enemy, and she can use it for teleportation. Bloodstream deals damage of 350 (+180 percent total magic strength) magic damage. Use this skill again to teleport Alice to the location of the bloodstream.

Skill 2: Bloody Awe

Alice deals damage and even immobilizes nearby enemies. Inflicts 270 (+90 percent total magic strength) magic damage and immobilizes for 1.2 seconds. After the enemy is hit by the immobilizer effect, they will also gain a 70 percent slow effect for 0.8 seconds.

Ultimate ability: Blood Death

Alice deals damage to all enemies around her and then regenerates her HP. It soaks up the enemy’s blood for 5 seconds and deals magic damage of 160 (+70 percent total magical power) to nearby enemies. At the same time, Alice regenerates blood by 80 (+30 percent total magical power) every 0.5 seconds. When using it on a non-hero unit, Alice regenerates 50 percent of her HP.

The Strongest Alice Mobile Legends Tips

It won’t be complete if Vexa’s friends just learn Alice Mobile Legends’ strongest skills and builds. Vexa friends also need to know tips on using Alice to make Vexa buddy gameplay more professional. If you want to meet the full Vexa buddy you can visit BangSkot youtube account. Here are tips on using Alice Mobile Legends that Vexa friends should know:

Alice magician


  • High mobility, as Alice has the ability to teleport, which makes it difficult or even easier for the opponent to catch up with the opponent
  • Alice is easy to spam and has many skills to use for spam and powerful combinations
  • The ulti area is large and in deadly pain and can make killing difficult, and it can also kill multiple enemies at the same time


  • Thin blood like mage heroes in general who have thin blood
  • A ruthless hero who makes it easy for opponents to gank them, especially since he has skills that require jumping into the opponent’s center during the war to make it more profitable
  • It’s hard to kill on your own as its skills are more suited to territories and war

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Shut down

Vexa friends already know a lot about Alice, which Vexa friends can practice in matches. Keep practicing using this hero until you are Vexa good at using it. Play the game wisely and rest. If you want to share something with Vexa friends, e.g. B. Tips, tricks and reviews, please share them in the comment column. OK!

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