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Build the Most Painful and Best Layla Item 2021 Mobile Legends | Games – Layla is one of the Marksman heroes good enough to be used in the Mobile Legend game. This hero uses a cannon called Malefic Cannon made by his father as a weapon, he has very lethal abilities. Layla Mobile Legends does very fatal damage.

Historically, Layla was a cheerful kid who aspired to be a magician, but her father disagreed because Layla had to follow her family’s traditions to make weapons that exceeded even her power. magic. Her father is looking for a magic stone to make the most powerful weapon Layla uses on her way to becoming a hero.

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This beautiful and sexy looking hero is also an older hero in the Mobile Legends game by moonton, he has seen many makeovers. Now Layla already has 6 skins to choose from to increase her beauty and strength.

In this article, offers the most complete tutorial on Layla’s heroes, starting with the best build items, emblems and spells, and ending with how to play so you can become a professional Layla user. Before doing this, you should also know the advantages and disadvantages of Layla’s heroes.

The advantages of Layla

Easy to use

Layla Mobile Legends is one of the easy to use heroes. It’s so easy for developers to turn it into a tutorial hero that you will practice with when you first download the Mobile Legend game.

High damage

Even if Layla is a tutorial hero and it’s free, don’t underestimate her because she has high damage too. When all the items are ready, Layla can be a creepy heroine with her ultimate, which has a very long range.

Can push turret without minions

This is unique to Layla, she is able to destroy the tower from out of reach of the tower. However, this is only possible if Layla has reached level 12.

Layla’s weaknesses

Weak resistance

As for stamina, Layla is very weak. His blood runs out very quickly when hit by enemy abilities, especially if he can be approached by fighter or assassin heroes, it doesn’t take long for Layla to be thrown out of the combat area.

Weak early game

In general, all Marksman heroes are weak at the start of the game because they didn’t get the main item. But Layla turned out to be even weaker than other snipers as their attack range was still small.

Have no escape ability

This is the most noticeable disadvantage of Layla’s heroine, she does not have the Escape ability, so in open war Layla sometimes has doubts about attacking, since she cannot escape if she is successfully approached by the opponent’s hero.

Recommended Build Items Layla

Build Layla Mobile Legend:

The above build items are best for pairing with Layla’s hero. The following explains the effects of each of these items (option line 1).

Fast boots increases + 15% attack speed and +40 movement SPD Clint.

Haas’ claws there are attributes: + 20% physical lifesteal and +70 physical attack. Unique Passive Madness: If Layla’s HP drops below 40%, Layla receives an additional 106 physical lifesteal.

Berserker’s rage Deals +65 Physical Attack, + 25% Crit. Chance and + 40% crit. Damage. Unique Passive Doom: Critical Hit increases Layla’s physical attack by 5% for 2 seconds.

Scarlet Phantom gives +30 physical attack, + 20% attack speed and + 25% crit. Chance. Unique Passive Frenzy: Critical hit increases the hero’s attack speed by 30% and critical chance by 5%. Lasts 2 seconds.

Berserker’s rage Deals +65 Physical Attack, + 25% Crit. Chance and + 40% crit. Damage. Unique Passive Doom: Critical Hit increases Layla’s physical attack by 5% for 2 seconds.

Blade of Despair Deals +170 Physical Attack and + 5% Movement SPD. Unique Passive Despair: Attacking enemy units with HP below 50% increases the Hero’s physical attack by 25% for 2 seconds. (Effect active before damage calculation).

Emblems that are suitable for Layla are Custom Marksman Emblems or Assassins.

Use for spells flicker : CD time: 120.0 Teleport to a certain distance in a certain direction. Increases physical defense and magical defense for 1 second after teleporting 5 (+1 * hero level). Or you can use the Inspire spell to buff your attack, but TeknoGeng prefers Flicker as Layla doesn’t have the ability to run away.

Layla’s skills

Layla Mobile Legends

Passive – Malicious Weapon, Layla’s passive skill changes common attacks and higher damage skills when the target is farther away, up to 100% to 130%.

Skill 1 – Malicious Bomb, Layla fires a Malefic Bomb forward, dealing 200 physical damage to the first enemy hit by the shot.

Skill 2 – Void Projectile, Layla shoots a ball of energy that slows the enemy’s movement speed by 60% for 2 seconds and also deals significant damage. The range of this skill increases as Layla’s level increases.

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Skill 3 – Destruction Frenzy, Layla fires a super shot with her cannon, dealing 500 physical damage to all enemies in a straight line. Enemies hit by this skill have a very low chance of survival

How to play Layla

Early games

At the start of the game, focus on eliminating minions in middle or top lane to top up the gold coffers and run farms when it’s safe. Pay attention to the map and keep your distance from enemy heroes. Try to stick with the tank hero to avoid being kidnapped by enemy assassins who usually roam around stealing buffs.

Medium game

By the time you enter the middle of the game, you may have received some of the main items. Help your friends in the top lane or on the sidelines in team fights or farming. But remember, you have to keep your distance. Prepare all of your skills on a roaming trip to anticipate enemies that appear suddenly.

Late game

When you enter the end of the game you should be able to purchase all of Layla’s items. Now you can join the war, use a 2-1-3 skill combination. Hold your position to stay close to the tank or combat hero and try to kill the pesky enemy heroes like shooters or assassins first.

Layla’s best teammate

Nana : Layla is very well suited to be paired with the magician Nana. Nana’s ability to turn enemies into rabbits makes it easier for Layla to launch attacks and use Ulti without fear of missing out.

Layla’s best counter hero

Zilong : When Layla is on the opposing team, you can use Zilong as a counterattack as Zilong has the ability to lure enemies with his spear and he also has a quick attack to kill Layla

Tips and tricks for playing Hero Layla

Try to unlock the ultimate skills as early as possible

Try to unlock the 3 Layla Mobile Legends skill as early as you can as this skill will really help you clear the minions quickly so you can farm away from the enemy sniper first.

Maximize Skill 1 and 2

First, maximize Skills 1 and 2 to farm and as explained above, save Skill 3 to clean minions or deal surprise damage to enemies.

When using Ulti. on the map

If you’d like to use Layla’s Ultimate, pay attention to the map in the top left for greater accuracy of the shot. Because this skill has to hit the opponent so that it is not in vain.

Teamwork is everything

Use the hero Layla to keep moving to keep your distance from the enemy and stay one-way with your friends. Don’t be a selfish gamer who can wreak havoc on your team. Play with fun and without bad comments.

Please also check out the latest Heroes build items Mobile legends others only in so that you can become the ruler of the land of dawn.

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