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Build Luo Yi ala Jess No Limit, guaranteed to be very disruptive on the trail

Hero Luo Yi. (YouTube / Mobile Legends Bang Bang) – Luo Yi wasn’t introduced until 2021 and is known as one of the operating room hero mages in the Mobile Legends game. Not that long ago, Jess No Limit shared Luo Yi’s build, which is guaranteed to be very annoying in the lane.

At the beginning of the video, Jess No Limit emphasizes that Luo Yi can be used very well as a support hero. This is because this hero’s ultimate ability doesn’t do a lot of damage, it can only get the team to teleport.

In a match, Luo Yi will be very helpful to his teammates as long as all of Luo Yi’s build items are properly and correctly selected. Tried out right away by Jess No Limit, here are the most insane Luo Yi builds this hero has to use in every match.

Luo Yi’s only ability is called Dipersion Yang, which offers a rather painful stack of armor, movement, and damage. Luo Yi’s second ability is Rotational Yang for a slow effect. While Luo Yi’s ultimate ability is the distraction to teleport.

According to Jess No Limit, here are Luo Yi’s builds that you can use to help this hero successfully disrupt enemies in the lane.

1. Movement objects (demon shoes)

Luo Yi's build items.  (youtube / Jess No Limit)
Luo Yi’s build items. (youtube / Jess No Limit)

This item is really mandatory to quickly provide mana for Luo Yi in the early game. This item can give 30 mana regeneration points and 40 percent movement speed, which is good for recreation and killing enemies and minions.

2. Magical Items (Frozen Wand)

That one item can do damage that slows the enemy’s speed by 15 percent for 3 seconds and can be given 2 times. This item also grants 150 mana regeneration and 7% movement speed.

3. Magical items (glowing wand)

Luo Yi's build items.  (youtube / Jess No Limit)
Luo Yi’s build items. (youtube / Jess No Limit)

This glowing wand magical item will be very useful for providing extra HP, magical power and movement speed. The passive effect of this item can burn enemies for 3 seconds and take up to 4 percent damage.

4. Magical Items (Necklace of Perseverance)

As a support, Luo Yi must use a Necklace of Perseverance to increase magical power, magical lifesteal, and cooldown shortening. With this item, the passive effect can reduce the healing effect and spell vampire by 50 percent.

5. Magical items (winter clubs)

Since it has low defense, Luo Yi must use Winter Club to increase defense, HP, and magical power. This item can make Luo Yi immune to damage and debuff for a few seconds.

6. Magical Items (Holy Crystal)

With the Sacred Crystal, Luo Yi is known for increasing damage by giving 100 points of magical power. With these items, Luo Yi could cause massive damage.

If you also use Luo Yi as the main character in every game, then you should imitate this Jess No Limit version of Luo Yi’s build.

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