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Build the latest Karina ML Season 19 2021 items

Karina is one of the deadliest female heroes, but unfortunately this heroine is less attractive because she is difficult to use and is considered less profitable. Even with the choice Karina ML components You can win quickly with this hero.

Heroine Karina is actually both a hero mage and an assassin with very deadly abilities. You can make this hero a hero mage or assassin depending on the build used. The discussion is given this time Karina is best at building wild ones for magicians and assassins.

Build items Karina ML Magic Burst Mage

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Build Karina Sick Savage in 2021

Those of you who want to turn Karina into an invincible hero mage can use the Magic Chest Build. This build is an Ubuild magic that can kill with a dangerous burst of magic.

Mobile Legends Karina Articles magical explosion this intensified Krina’s magical power to the highest degree. The main purpose of this build is to create magical power that can do damage in a short period of time. Items in this build make Karina deal damage faster to enemies.

There is no magic vamp in this Magic Burst build, so you’ll need to dodge as often as possible. In this build, Karina has to avoid fighting head-to-head and often has to support other fighter heroes.

in the Build objects Karina ml It uses 6 build items, namely:

This item can increase magic penetration by 15 and movement speed by 40%.

With this item, Kalira gains 70 magical power and 400 mana. The cooldown reduction is also increased by 10%.

This item can increase magic attack damage by up to 15% after hitting the target. The holy crystal grants a damage cancellation effect for 3 seconds and a cooldown for 10 seconds.

The uniqueness of this build is that it can burn enemies for 3 seconds after Karina’s ability hits him. The enemy’s HP is also reduced by 10 points by using this item.

This build is supposed to increase HP by 2 points, which is supposed to increase by 150 for HP and 150 for magical power.

Karinga with more than 70% HP receives a magic penetration bonus of 30%. This makes Karina’s power stronger.

Build items Karina ML Magus Sin Assassin

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Build Karina Savage Jess No Limit (Assassin)

If you want to make Karina an invincible assassin, you have to use Magus Sinus as the build. With this build, Karina will have exceptional attack speed. This build can increase Karina’s hit combo ability.

With Build Skill Combo Hit Karina can damage the opponent’s HP by up to 10% every three attacks. This means that Karina’s attack speed is very strong and can quickly defeat enemies.

Even though this build turns Karina into a hero assassin, Karina’s magic ability is still possessed even if it goes unnoticed. Using this build requires Karina to use combo hits often to defeat opponents.

Karina ml build items are used here:

  1. Bad luck mower
  2. Fast boots
  3. Concentrated energy
  4. Feather of heaven
  5. holy crystal
  6. Devil tears

These items make Karina a deadly assassin, but still don’t lose her magic skills. With this build item, Karina’s heroine becomes an invincible hero.

Which hero will you make Karina as a heroine? Karina is equally strong to be a hero mage or an assassin. Just make sure you choose Build items Karina ml item right and appropriate.

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