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Build the latest Hurt Popol and Kupa Items 2021 Mobile Legends

Build items Popol and Kupa new marksmen in Mobile Legends who have very unique skills. When we play this hero, we will happily use two heroes. This hero becomes even more dangerous when you use the Popol and Kupa build items.

This hero is pretty easy for us to play, especially if you already understand the skills of Popol and Kupa. In this article Mimin will give recommendations for the build items Popol and Kupa in the TeknoGeng Admin version. Let’s check out the review below.

Build the sickest Popol and Kupa items of 2021

Popol and Kupa Build Items hurt

The build item I’m going to love in this article is more focused on damage. This build is very good for you to play Popol as a shooter, not a support, guys.

1. Fast boots

For the first item, you can buy jungle items first, it can be a hunter knife or a nimble blade. After purchasing the jungle item, go straight to the footwear item.

Mimin recommends wearing attack speed shoes, namely Swift Boots. Because apart from increasing movement speed by 40, Popol’s attack speed is also increased by 15%.

When the mana runs out, we can use the mana regeneration item called demon shoes first. With this item, you no longer have to worry about losing mana. But in the late game, replace this item with Swift Boots, as Popol’s mana should be enough and not leak.

2. Raptor machete

Currently, Raptor Machete is a mandatory item for marksman and assassin heroes, including Popol and Kupa. This item can increase our hero level faster because it gets 25% EXP in the jungle. Surviving is also good because it gains 4% HP regeneration and 10% mana.

Raptor Machete also deals additional damage to Popol and Kupa. Because every 10 seconds the basic attack does 50 real damage and is further increased when the level is high. An additional 30% for enemy heroes for 1 second also make it difficult for them to escape.

If you want to get a big additional physical attack, don’t forget to kill 15 creeps. Because if we manage to get 15 stacks by killing creeps, the physical attack of Popol and Kupa will increase to 60 points.

3. Endless struggle

Endless Battle is an important item for Popol and Kupa. This item is designed to increase the true damage, making this hero’s damage even more painful. Real harm can be caused not only by Popol, but also by Kupa. Because he gets 100% of the attributes used by Popol.

Endless Battle is also a very good item to survive as it offers an additional 15% life steal. So we don’t have to go back to base to get HP. The additional 10% cooldown reduction is also very useful for reducing Popol and Kupa’s cooldown skills, especially Ulti skills.

The movement speed of Popol and Kupa is also increased as this item provides additional movement speed from both simple and unique passive status. This makes it easier for us to run away or chase the enemy.

4. Berserker’s rage

Since the build item I designed is more focused on critical damage, Mimin next uses Berserker’s Fury. Since this item does very large critical damage, it can quickly paralyze the enemy.

Not only Popol, but also the wolf Kupa will receive the same status from Berserker’s Fury. In this way, this hero’s combination is really terrible. Especially when we use the ultimate ability properly.

5. Wind speaker

For the next item we can use Windtalker to increase the attack speed of Popol and Kupa. In addition to this, this item also increases the critical chance so that the function of the item Berserker’s Fury can be maximized.

Windtalker also contains items that are very effective in increasing Popols and Kupas movement speed. This status is really needed by Popol and Kupa, according to Mimin as he has no sprinting or blinking skills to escape.

6. Desperate Blade

If your team is dominating the game, Blade of Despair is the right choice. Because this item increases the hero’s physical attack by a very large amount. So we can finish the game faster.

The damage from this item will be even greater when we attack a hero whose blood is dying. Because this item grants an additional 25% Physical Attack when attacking an enemy with less than 25% Blood. In this way, Blade of Despair is very well suited to be combined with the previous item, Berserker’s Fury.

If the opposing team has assassin-type physical heroes like Natalia and Lancelot, then you can use Wind of Nature. If you are cornered use the active skill on this item. Then you are immune for a few seconds.

If you want extra defense and a higher slow, you can use the thunder belt. The combination of Endless Battle and Thunder Belt will make the real damage done by Popol and Kupa even greater. In addition, Endless Battle offers additional armor for defense.

Sick Popol and Kupa Emblems and Spells 2021

For emblems we can use a custom assassin or shooter. However, if you want extra high speed movement, use an assassin. Also use the main talent of the bounty hunter so that we can get extra gold when we kill the enemy.

In the meantime, we can use Flicker or Sprint as an escape skill for Battle Spell. If the opposing team has a lot of CC Heroes, use Purify. If you want to farm faster, use Retribution.

The last word

These are the sickest Popol and Kupa item gangs of 2021, the TeknoGeng admin version. You don’t get stuck on the above build items, right … you should experiment yourself and adapt it to your respective gameplay. Hopefully helpful and thank you.

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