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Build Jawhead Tank Support Thicker, Fastest Roam!

The thickest Jawhead tank support build

Jawhead became a tank? Yes why not. Although this hero is basically made with a fighter role, until now many people like to use him as a tank or a support.

We know that there are many unique traits to this Jawhead hero, especially in his skills, which have a rather dangerous crowd control. Well, if you love to play role-playing tanks then of course you shouldn’t miss trying out the Jawhead hero with a build tank.

Additionally, Jawhead is currently one of the top pick heroes, if not selected he will be banned. Well here I am going to share the build along with an explanation of the skills so you can better understand jaw armor and play better.

Explanation of the mandibular head ability

The advantage of this Jawhead hero is that he is fast on the move. Skill 2 is capable of providing extra movement speed for some time, so you can quickly turn onto the side lane to help out teammates or pick up enemies.

Not only that, the benefit of skill 2 can also throw enemies, minions or jungles. This, of course, is very useful for disrupting the opponent’s movement, especially for hostile hyperheroes. Jaw Head can intervene by throwing enemy jungle buffs to reset, making enemy cores late to farm.

Likewise, during war it is very good to aim at the core of the enemy by throwing it at your teammates so that it can be executed immediately. In addition, the ultimate skill is also very good at targeting enemies, especially enemies trying to escape.

Jawhead’s ultimate ability can attack and follow the enemy even if they run away and also gives a ricochet effect, making the attacked enemy difficult to control. Then the uniqueness of this Jawhead 2 ability can also save teammates, if threatened then you can throw it to escape.

So for this jawhead skill combo, you can use the ultimate skill to lock the enemy core and get closer to it. Then use Skill 2 to throw enemy cores at teammates for instant execution. For skill 1, you can also use it in installments because even though it’s a tank set, the damage done by Jawhead still feels pretty painful.

Build jawhead tank support

I think the discussion above is enough to describe how to use Jawhead’s hero skills as tank support. Basically you have to be good at locking down enemy cores or other thin enemy heroes.

Since Jawhead is only a single target, prioritize its use to target enemy core heroes. Then of course it’s definitely a Defense Item build for the build. Yes, but the elements cannot be arbitrary either.

Because you also need to see the effects along with additional stats of items in order to maximize Jawhead’s hero skills. Well, here is the best jawhead build arrangement that you can step up while playing tank support.

Build Jawhead Tank Mobile Legends

In general, each team takes a hero with a full composition in terms of a hero with magical and physical attacks. Because of this, the above build uses magical and physical defense items. However, you can of course customize it yourself depending on the opposing hero you are facing.

Of course, if your opponents are all physical attacks, then you don’t need to use magical defensive items like Athena shield and others. They only focus on physical defense items and vice versa.

Continue to contract for the Jawhead badge and talent, namely the support badge with the talent. This talent can reduce the Jawhead Hero’s respawn and cast duration. Then the best spell is the flicker spell, which allows you to approach the enemy directly and then throw it at your friends.

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