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Build items heroine Alice from Mobile Legends

If you like the aesthetics of a beautiful but dangerous hero mage, then you absolutely have to try Alice from Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Alice is a vampire heroine with great damaging skills. In addition to this damage, he also has a blood-absorbing function which certainly fits his theme as a vampire.

This hero is probably one of the magician heroes who built in sustain and naturally makes Alice harder than other magician heroes.

The HP capacity of this hero is above average and combined with blood-absorbing abilities, Alice can last longer on the battlefield even without defensive items.

If you are interested in using this Mobile Legends Bang Bang hero then you absolutely must learn to build the item. Here are the recommended build items that can be used for Alice:

core items

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Build objects Alice MLBB

Core items are the main items that you need to purchase as Alice. Here are the key elements:

All heroes certainly need item mobility, arcane boots are items that are suitable for Alice. This item has a magic penetration ability which is useful for increasing magic damage as well as HP absorption.

For other shoe options, you can choose Demon Shoes for regeneration or Rapid Boots for extra mobility.

The next item is the enchanted talisman. This item is useful for increasing mana regeneration. This mana regeneration will help Alice deal more damage and maintain skills.

This item provides additional magical power, HP, and mana. What is special about this item, however, is the passive stack it offers.

Clock of Destiny gives a buff of 30 HP and 5 magical power every 30 seconds. When this stack reaches 10, Alice receives a 5% bonus to magical power and 300 mana. This bonus runs automatically and is certainly useful to Alice.


build alice, alice objects, alice mobile legends

Build objects Alice MLBB

This optional point can be freely selected depending on the situation. Of course, you should think about the composition of the mush team and the situation before buying the following items:

Concentrated Energy is an HP-boosting item for hero mages. This item ensures that you get magical power and also a great additional maximum HP. Make sure to only buy this option item if you think the enemy has a lot of dangerous hero damage.

This item gives mobility and also a fairly large offensive power. You, using this item, can add a burning effect to any skill you cast. This item will help Alice farm and kill enemies with high HP.

Holy Crystal is the right item if you want to increase Alice’s magical damage. This item has a passive trait in the form of an additional 15% damage when the target is hit by a skill attack. Of course, if Alice spams Skills on the target, this extra damage will increase.

So many recommendations for build items for Alice in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Hopefully you will find this information useful. Thank you for reading!

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