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Build Items Benedetta Mobile Legends is Worst and Best of 2021

Benedetta is one of the featured Assassin Heroes in Mobile Legends. With agility and great damage, Benedetta can be called quite strong in the early to late game. His nickname is “The Shadow Ranger”, he has a specialty Hunt / Burst and use the sword as his main weapon in battle.

Benedetta’s superiority can be seen in her unique passive ability, namely Elapsed time of day, while holding down: (Basic Attack) Benedetta switches to Swordout mode and continuously collects Sword Intent. If you release the (Basic Attack) button after the Sword Intent is fully charged, Benedetta uses a swordout slash in the direction he’s facing and charges forward. Then deals physical damage identified as skill damage that decreases to minions and creeps as well as to enemies in its path.

Benedetta is really hard to use when there aren’t enough players quick hand and don’t understand this hero game especially the use of Elapsed Daytime. Therefore, you often have to learn to use this hero.

Of course, if you’ve exercised a lot and are feeling quick hands, this article will help you find a Benedetta’s identity by going over the recommendations for worst and best Benedetta Mobile Legends builds in 2021 along with the emblems and battle spells from that year Top 1 global mobile legends in Indonesia.

Build items Benedetta Mobile Legends


1. Raptor machete

Benedetta could be a hypercarry, and the meta is Junggler now. Raptor Machete is a must have for core players to speed up the farming process and provide more EXP in the jungle.

2. Warrior boots

This item gives Benedetta 15 Physical Defense and 40 Movement Speed ​​and Warrior Boots. Warrior boots should be Benedetta’s first item.

The second option is to use Tough Boots, +22 Magical Defense / Magic Res. This item is very good to use against magical heroes who have very large magical damage.

3. Bloodlust ax

For the third item, you can use Bloodlust Ax. This attack item adds 20% of the spell vamp of the total damage you have. +70 Physical Attack and +10 Cooldown Reduction.

Benedetta has a skill area and is very difficult to catch, so you will have to use this item even if you are attacked by the enemy, the chance to fight back and defend yourself will increase.

4. Desperate Blade

Desperate Blade deals +160 physical ATK of Benedetta and 25% bonus damage to enemies with low HP.

5. Brute force breastplate

The passive on this item allows Benedetta to last longer considering that she is very easy to defeat. With an additional 3% movement speed and 4 points of physical magic defense. This effect can be stacked up to 5 times.

This means that there is an additional movement speed of up to 15% and a physical & magical defense of up to 20 points. To get the maximum stack we need to use a skill or basic attack 5 times in a row.

6. Rose gold meteor

This Rose Gold Meteor gives you additional stats in the form of: +60 Physical Attack +30 Magical Defense + 5% Physical Lifesteal. This item’s unique passive is very useful to Benedetta.

If the hero’s HP is below 30%, he will get a shield that can absorb 510 ~ 1350 damage, but it will increase according to the level. This unique passive ability lasts 3 seconds and has a 40 second cooldown.

With the gold of the meteor and the brute force breastplate, this will surely add defense and agility enough to make it difficult for the enemy.

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Recommended Benedetta emblem


You will need to use the Assassin Emblem to maximize the abilities of the six Benedetta build items.

Level 1: Use 3x Valor Points to increase Benedetta’s 27 physical attack.

Level 2: You can use Invasion 3x to add 19.50 Physical PENs. With Physical PEN and +27 Physical Attack, it will be very useful in the early game, even in the late game.

Tier 3: Killing Spree is perfect for Benedetta to restore 15% HP and increase movement speed by 20% for 5 seconds.

Battle magic Benedetta

Hyper Carry is already required for the jungle with a raptor machete, so retaliation is the right and inseparable choice for Benedetta’s combat spells.

That’s me Building tips for Benedetta objects along with recommendations for emblems and Combat spellsits from the top 1 global. Good luck, dear league players! For eSport news and Mobile legends Latest, don’t forget to follow Esports league, Yes!

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