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Build Aurora Mobile Legends injured, freeze your opponent!

Build Aurora Mobile Legends Tersakit is an old magician whose popularity has never lost in competition with new magicians. Aurora was born with extraordinary powers and became one of the 4 Guardians of the Land of Dawn. Your responsibility to protect the world, guard borders, and keep it safe from space rifts and monsters has been done well by Aurora. During the Air War, Aurora lost an arm and her protective knight. This led to a change in Aurora, she became arrogant, cold, silent and full of sadness.

Aurora is a hero role mage who specializes in crowd control and poking around. It even has a very high skill effect. There is no denying that this one mage is indeed quite a chore to combat, especially his ability which is full of crowd control. Aurora’s existence as a mage is very beneficial in a team, she can kill many enemies at once, either alone or with her teammates. So there is nothing wrong with Vexa’s friend learning this one hero.

Skill and Build from Aurora Mobile Legends Hurt

Build Aurora Mobile Legends Hurts
Source: Youtube ElektroTorio

Before learning all of the Aurora skills, it is the right time for Vexa Friends to find out which Aurora Mobile Legends build is hurting. This Aurora build is the mainstay of Sakura, which ranked # 1 in Aurora Player. Vexa friends can experience Sakura’s great gameplay when she uses Aurora and turns her into an invincible mage. Here is the Aurora Mobile Legends build, Sakura’s mainstay who can be Vexa friends for example:

Sakura player Aurora rank 1rank
Source: Youtube ElektroTorio
  • Arcane boots
  • Fleeting time
  • Lightning stick
  • Glowing Wand (Can also choose Holy Crystal)
  • Divine Glave
  • Blood wing

Vexa friends who feel unsuitable or who have doubts about the structure, take it easy. There is an Aurora build that Mobile Legends is providing itself for anyone interested in using it. Vexa friends can see it for themselves on the official Mobile Legends website. Here is the Aurora Mobile Legends build offered by Mobile Legends themselves that Vexa friends can follow:

Official website
Source: Mobile Legends Official

There’s also Jess No Limit’s Aurora build that Vexa friends can use for example. Here are the builds:

Source: Youtube Jess No Limit

Aurora Mobile Legends skills

Build Aurora Mobile Legends Hurts

Aurora has 4 unique abilities and is able to set enemies in motion. His crowd control ability enables him to survive as an invincible mage with other mages. Learning all Aurora skills is very important especially for Vexa friends who are not yet familiar with this one hero. By learning the skills, Vexa friends can also find out what type of build is appropriate and can support all of Aurora’s abilities. Here are all of the Aurora Mobile Legends skills Vexa friends need to know:

Passive Skill: Pride of Ice

Every time Aurora uses her skill multiple times, she gains a stack and freezes the next attack. There are 4 units of Frost Energy that Aurora must collect in order to give the enemy a freeze effect and stop for 1.5 seconds. Aurora deals 30 percent of the damage it increased to the target of the enemy that has a frost effect with her skill.

Skill 1: Frost Shock

Aurora fires a Freeze Energy missile that explodes, damaging nearby enemies. This skill deals damage of 300 (+130 percent total magic strength) magic damage and has a 25 percent slowing effect for 1.5 seconds.

Skill 2: Bitter Frost

Inflicts 530 (+180 percent total magical strength) magic damage and has an 80 percent slowing effect on the enemy for 1.5 seconds.

Ultimate ability: Cold Destruction

Aurora will create a huge ice rock that can attack multiple enemies at the same time in a location designated by Vexa’s friends, causing a slow effect. Each enemy takes damage equal to 900 (+180 percent total magic strength) magic damage. The slowing effect caused by this skill is 90 percent for 1.5 seconds. Enemies near the target are also affected by 450 damage (+90 percent total magic power), magic damage, and a 60 percent slowing effect that lasts 1.5 seconds.

Tips for Using Aurora Mobile Legends

It doesn’t feel complete with Vexa’s friends just learning the skills and building Aurora Mobile Legends. There are other important things Vexa friends need to learn and no less important, namely tips on how to use that one hero. By learning tips on how to use Aurora, you can make Vexa Buddy gameplay more professional. Here are tips for using Aurora Mobile Legends that Vexa friends should know:

Build Aurora Mobile Legends Hurts

Ultimate combination

  • Make sure Vexa friends have a full stack of passive skills prepared
  • Use Skill 2 to freeze the enemy and deal damage to them
  • Use the ultimate ability when the enemy is still frozen
  • Proceed to Skill 1 for additional damage
  • This method is suitable when gank or 1 vs 1

Team Fight Combo Com

  • Kill low HP enemies with Skill 2 skill
  • Use the ultimate ability and freeze
  • Finish with Skill 1
  • This method is suitable for Vexa friends for team fights

Best battle spell for Aurora

  • Flicker: Using Flicker as a battle spell for Aurora is perfect. Aurora has no blink ability and is very weak against assassins
  • Sprint: This one battle spell can also help Aurora escape or finish the game
  • Aegis: You can also use Vexa to protect Aurora from attacks that can come suddenly
  • Flame Shot: You can use Vexa to take down enemies who are trying to escape, especially when Aurora’s skill is on cooldown

Tips on Using Aurora

  • Vexa friends need to make sure the stack of Aurora’s passive abilities is always full when they go to team fights or gank
  • Aurora should roam with CC heroes like tanks or fighters
  • To build Aurora, you should focus on reducing the cooldown and magical damage
  • Also use the Hero Lock mode in Vexa’s Buddy Settings so that Aurora can be right on target when using Skill 2
  • Spam skill 1 often to nudge opponents from a distance, make sure Aurora’s position is always safe and keep your distance

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Shut down

Vexa friends already know a lot about this one magician hero. Next, Vexa friends need to practice until they can face the battlefield, especially with threats that can suddenly appear. Aurora is an old magician heroine whose popularity never fades. She has very strong and profitable skills when Vexa buddies manage to master them. Play the game wisely and rest. If you want to share something with Vexa friends, e.g. B. Tips, tricks and reviews, please share them in the comment column. OK!

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