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Blade armor function, Johnson Mobile Legends main object item | Games – Item or equipment is something that we need to know as Mobile Legends players. By knowing the function of each item, our chances of winning the game are greater.

One of the items in Mobile Legends is Blade Armor. This is a defensive item that tank users are of course familiar with. Blade Armor is an item with the highest physical defense in the Mobile Legends game.

Physical defense or armor is very useful to withstand the physical damage that the enemy inflicts on the hero we are using. Damage taken can be from skills or simple attacks.

In this article, TeknoGeng will talk more about this one item of defense, gangs. Let’s just look at the function of Blade Armor, an item of defense in Mobile Legends.

Function of the blade armor

Mobile Legends Blade Armor feature

Base status

Blade Armor only offers a basic status that only gives +90 Physical Defense. This item does not offer any other status like HP, HP Rain or Cooldown Reduction like other items. This item is specially designed for players who need very high armor.

Since it only offers a basic status, this piece of blade armor is cheap compared to other items. Therefore this item is very suitable for early game use.

Unique, Passive: Vengeance

The Blade Armor item has a unique passive ability called Vengeance. This passive lets the user deal 25% physical damage to opponents who attack us with normal attacks. The damage done is done automatically without your having to attack it.

For example, our opponent takes 100 physical damage from an opponent who attacks us with a normal attack. Then they’ll take 25 physical damage from us. So 25% of their physical damage is reflected again.

In this way, this blade armor is a very effective item against heroes with physical damage, especially those who rely heavily on normal attacks. In this way, the blade armor becomes the best item for counter-heroes, shooters and assassins who rely on simple attacks.

For whom is it suitable?

This item is required by tank heroes. This item must be used when the opposing team has many physical heroes. One of the heroes who goes perfectly with this piece of blade armor is Johnson.

Johnson has a passive skill that provides a shield when his blood dies. The number of shields depends on his armor. The bigger the armor he has, the bigger his shield will be.

Blade Armor itself offers very high armor. Automatically, the shield that Johnson receives will also be very large. So this blade armor contains core items for Johnson.

Another tank hero who goes perfectly with this piece of blade armor is Belerick. Because Belerick will undo the opponent’s damage. By using Blade Armor, the damage it reflects will also be higher.

You can store Blade Armor in the second or third slot. This blade armor is a very cheap item so you can purchase it in the early game. If you encounter a lot of physical heroes, save this item in the second slot after the shoes.

We have to emphasize that Blade Armor does not offer any other underlyings other than high physical defense. So you need to combine it with other items that can provide other important statuses like HP and Magic Defense.

Shut down

These are the review gangs this time about the function of the blade armor. If you have any additional information or any other tips about this article, please share your thoughts in the comments section, folks. Hopefully this article is very helpful to you and hopefully there are more articles that we at TeknoGeng review.


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