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Beware of keeping your distance, these are the 5 best stunner heroes in Mobile Legends – Mobile Legends is a game that relies on the right play and timing to defeat the enemy.

Some heroes have stun skills that can alarm the enemy. If we don’t keep our distance or don’t know when to attack, heroes can take us out with stun skills.

If we get a stun effect there is nothing we can do and our hero will surrender to the next attack.

Below is a list of the heroes with the best stun skills in Mobile Legends:

1. Lolita


Even if this hero is a fairly small hero, never underestimate his abilities. This hero is one of the 10 best heroes with a win rate of 52.64 percent.

Lolita can act as both a tank heroine and a support heroine. Its ultimate can stun the enemy for 2 seconds.

If Lolita gains strength on reaching the Ultimate, we need to avoid the ultimate cone shaped area in front of Lolita.

It also takes 2 seconds to charge so we still have a chance to dodge the ultimate in that time frame.

2. Aurora


Although Aurora wasn’t included in the Top 10 Heroes list this week, Aurora is a hero who can worry enemies. Aurora’s terrifying ability is her passive ability.

With the Pride of Ice skill, Aurora can freeze enemies after collecting 4 units of Frost Energy.

The combination of skill 3 and passive skills makes the enemy slow down and freeze. Use magic resistant items when facing this hero.

3. Chou


This hero contains easy and difficult to use. Chou is often used to kidnap enemies. Unless you are good at handling it, let alone kidnapping the enemy, it is Chou who is captured by the enemy.

With the ultimate ability The Way of Dragon, Chou can kidnap the enemy and kick into the air for a few seconds.

Be especially careful for hero mage and sniper users as you will be the main target of Chou’s kick.

4. Freya


This hero can be obtained by charging the diamond first. Freya is a fighter hero, but if your build item is right you can make Freya a hero with enough thick blood.

What Freya should watch out for are her jumps. With her Godspeed Strike, Freya can accelerate 3 normal attacks in 3 seconds.

In the third attack, Freya stuns targets that are in her fan area.

5. Johnson


Johnson is a tanker hero who is quite a nuisance. After receiving a remake 2 seasons ago, this hero is often banned in epic levels and up.

Although Johnson bans are less common now, this hero skill is pretty scary.

Johnson ranks # 2 on the list of Best Heroes this week with a win rate of 54.76%. Skill 1 and Skill 3 of this hero can cause a stun effect.

With Rapid Touchdown, Johnson can bring 1 friendly hero and plunge into the enemy.

When Johnson transforms into a car and hits an enemy, Johnson will be stunned for 0.5-1 seconds (depending on the speed of the car).

Although the stun duration is quite short, the damage done is quite large.

That was a number of the best stunner heroes in Mobile Legends.

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