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Best Mobile Legends Heroes 2021

Best Hero Mobile Legends 2021 –

We are going to discuss the best Mobile Legends Hero 2021

1. Ling

ling mobile legend

Ling is an assassin specialist for the hero role Burt Damage / Reap. Ling is known to be very agile, so he becomes a “Ban” subscription at Epic, Legend, and Mitich levels. Though Ling is often denied by Moonton, it’s still OP (Over Power)

Combo skill ling
Skill 1, Skill 2, Skill Ulty, Skill 2

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2. Harith

Harith cell phone legend

Harith is a specialist in Change / Burst Damage Specialist. This hero is a popular hero of the Ban and Neft subscriptions as Harith takes great damage from Ulty Skills and Spam Skill 2 and can kill enemy heroes quickly.

Harith Combo Skill
Ultimate Skill, Spam Skill 2, Skill 1

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3. Esmeralda

mobile legends esmeralda

Esmeralda is a hero mage / tank specialist rain / poke. This hero is also a ban subscription as he can create shields and steal the opponent’s shield.

Esmeralda Combo Skill
Ultimate ability, ability 1, ability 2

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4. Cecilion

cecilion mobile legend

Cecilion is a new magician hero in Mobile Legend with a Burst Damage / Poke Specialist. This hero is very OP (Over Power) as his abilities can reduce the enemy’s HP in the blink of an eye.

Cecilion’s combo skills
Ultimate Skill, Skill 2, Spam Skill 1

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Gumon cell phone legend

Gusion is a Hero Role Assassin / Mage with a Change / Burst Damage Specialist. This hero is a favorite because he can kill opponents instantly with his combo skills and is therefore often banned for his large burst damage, even though this hero has a fairly high level of difficulty.

Combo Skill Cast
Skill 2, Skill ulty, Skill 2, Skill 1, Skill 2, Skill 1

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6. Granger

Granger Mobile Legend

Granger is a sniper hero who specializes in Reap / Burst Damage.This hero has a lot of damage and is low in difficulty, although his HP is thin, but this hero has a blurring ability so he is not easily killed by the enemy.

Combo Skill Granger
Ultimate ability, ability 2, ability 1

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7. Wanwan

wanwan mobile legend

Wanwan is a sniper hero who specializes in Reap / Burst Damage. This hero is hard to kill as his 2nd skill can clear all CC (crowd control) effects from the enemy. However, this hero is quite difficult as he will have to eliminate all of the opponent’s weaknesses that he is exposed to in order to activate his ultimate skill. to use its ultimate ability, the wanwan.

Wanwan skill combo
Skill 1, Basic Spam Attack, Skill Ulty

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8. Xborg

xborg mobile legends

Xborg is a specialist in rain / burst damage specialist. This hero can be an offline to guard / push the tower, or he can be a tank hero to protect the hero core from enemies.

Xborg Combo Skill
Skill 2, Skill 1, Ultimate Skill

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9. Claude

Claude Mobile Legends

Claude is a sniper hero who specializes in crop / burst damage. This hero is very agile and can go straight to war or run away from war right away

Claude’s combo skills
Skill 1, Skill 2, Skill Ulty, Skill 2

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10. Lunox

lunox mobile legends

Lunox is a specialist in damage / poke hero mages. This hero is very suitable in the Midlaner as he can help the team win the war and with his ultimate ability Lunox can do great damage or avoid attacks from opponents.

Lunox combo skills
Ultimate ability, spam ability 2

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