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Best Build Claude After Buffing by Celiboy

Hi folks, welcome back to Bangudinpro Review, thank you guys!
Today I am sure to give you more information about Mobile Legends heroes. This time, I’ll be giving Build Claude AE ​​Celiboy Strong in Mobile Legends.

Build Claude Celiboy injured

Claude is a sniper hero who specializes in chest damage and has high damage who has just been buffed by Moonton. Claude has Skill 1 “Art Of Thievery”, which can steal the opponent’s movement speed and attack speed in a fan-shaped area and deal physical damage. Claude increases his own movement and attack speed for a few seconds and Claude’s speed bonus is doubled when he steals speed from enemy heroes. In addition, Claude has Skill 2 “Battle Mirror Image”, which can leave a mirror image of Dexter in a predetermined location and this skill can return to its original place with the mirror image. Claude also has the Ultimate Skill “Blazing Duet” which can continuously damage enemies around Claude and the damage from this attack increases the Full Burst Hit Rate Bonus. AE Celiboy, who used Claude in the MPLI tournament, played very impressively. This time I will be giving Build Claude AE ​​Celiboy in the MPL Invitational Tournament, check this out !.

The following items are Hero Claude AE ​​Celiboy Partners In Crime.

Raptor machete
The first item in Build Claude AE ​​Celiboy is a Raptor Machete item. This item is a jungle item that can deal extra damage to minions and jungles, making farming faster. This item also provides additional physical attack and physical penetration to the enemy. The next basic attack also deals real damage and, when using retaliation, causes a slow effect on the enemy. So this item must be used by Claude to farm quickly.

Magical shoes
The second item in Claude AE ​​Celiboy’s build is Magic Shoes. These shoe items are cooldown reduction shoes that can reduce cooldown skills and increase Claude’s movement speed.

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Demon hunter sword
The third item in Claude AE ​​Celiboy’s build is a demon hunter sword item. This item is a physical item that can deal bonus Physical Attack Damage and Attack Speed. In addition to this, this item can inflict additional basic attack damage to users and any basic attack will give physical lifesteal. This item must be used by Claude as it not only does extra damage to crawling servants and life stealing, but it can also inflict physical life stealing damage on the opponent.

Golden staff
The fourth item in Claude AE ​​Celiboy’s build is a Golden Wand item. This item is a physical item that can give the opponent additional damage and attack speed. Even though this item cannot offer a Critical Chance, it will be converted into Attack Speed ​​every time it is given a Critical Chance. With items, Claude can make basic attacks and improve his skills more often.

Queen’s wing
The fifth item in Build Claude AE ​​Celiboy is the Queen’s Wings item. This item is a defense item that can provide additional HP, physical attacks, and cooldown reduction. In addition to this, this item can also reduce enemy damage. This defensive item must therefore also be used by Claude, since in addition to reducing damage it can also offer a high life-seal effect, so that Claude becomes a hero that is not easy to beat. This makes Claude a very deadly hero in all aspects of physical attack, starting with physical attack, critical damage, item defense and of course, life stealing.

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Endless struggle
The final item in Build Claude AE ​​Celiboy is an Endless Battle item. This item is a physical item that can increase Claude’s normal attack attack. When Claude uses this item, he increases his base attack and physical attack as additional real damage to the enemy. This item also offers physical lifesteal, which is very important for core heroes like this Claude. On top of that, Endless Battle also offers additional physical damage, HP, and cooldown reduction. With the help of this item, Claude can farm in the forest or restore HP through attacking creeps and can also inflict maximum damage on the enemy.

This is Claude AE ​​Celiboy building Strongs

Claude Celiboy's subject Strongs

Okay come here first guys! Next, I’m going to give you more information about mobile legend heroes. If there are any suggestions as to which hero guides you would like to discuss, you can contact me using the contact form below. I’ll check out the hero guides later, ok!
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