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Best Build Chou in the Tournament M2 Mobile Legend 2021

Hi folks, welcome back to Bangudinpro Review, thank you guys!
Today I am sure to give you more information about Mobile Legends heroes. This time I will be giving Build Chou Strong in the M2 Mobile Legends Tournament.

Build Chou Strongs in M2 Mobile Legend Mobile

Chou is a main battle tank hero that has fairly high durability, high damage, and is easy to use. Chou has Ability 1 that deals 3 strikes forward dealing physical damage continuously, and the third attack inflicts an air bone effect on the enemy. Additionally, Chou has Ability 2 that can charge forward to be immune to crowd control effects while sprinting and getting a shield. Chou also has the ultimate ability that can kick to cause a knockback effect on the opponent, and when that ability is reused, Chou throws the opponent in the air, dealing physical damage to the opponent. This time I’m going to be giving Build Chou Strong in Tournament M2 Mobile Legend.

The following items are Hero Chou Kung Fu Boy.

Warrior boots
The first item in Build Chou is a Warrior Boots item. This item is an armor shoe that can increase physical defense and increase Chou’s movement speed. Shoes that add armor can, of course, further toughen up against physical attacks by the enemy. In this fight against the opposing team, Chou can hold out longer and attack enemies with high damage.

Blade of Heptaseas
The second item in Build Chou is the Blade of The Heptaseas item. This item is a physical item that can deal physical damage and gain additional HP. In addition to this, this item can also offer physical penetration which can reduce the enemy’s physical defenses. This item is also when Chou’s hero takes no damage for 5 seconds. This item can deal an additional base attack damage of 180 + 100% to the enemy, wow amazing. So this item must be used by Chou boys.

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Blade of Despair
The third item in Build Chou is the Blade of Despair item. This item is a physical item that can add physical attacks drastically. With this item, Chou can inflict high physical damage on the enemy. This allows Chou to easily eliminate opponents. Also, when Chou encounters an opponent with low HP, this item increases additional physical attacks on Chou so that Chou is feared by the opponent in the match.

Endless struggle
The fourth item in Build Chou is an Endless Battle item. This item is a physical item that is sure to cause great damage to the enemy. With this item, Chou receives a physical lifesteal that is very important for battle heroes like this Chou. In addition, Endless Battle can also offer Physical, HP, Additional Cooldown Reduction, and Passive additional Physical Attacks as real damage. This item must be owned by Chou boys. So with the help of this item you can farm in the forest or restore HP by attacking creeps in the forest.

Queen’s wing
The fifth item in Build Chou is the Queen’s Wings item. This item is a defense item that can reduce damage taken. This item can also offer physical attack, extra HP, and cooldown reduction. In addition, the item also has a passive ability when HP is below 40%. He can increase the physical life steal for 5 seconds so that you can still survive. With this item, Chou becomes a hero who is not easy to defeat.

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The final item in Build Chou is an immortality item. The last item that is no less important is natural, because this is the item you can use to level up again after a defeat. So this item must also clearly be used by this Chou hero who can offer additional HP and also physical defense. You can buy immortality as the last item, as this is just in case you are set in motion by the enemy. So you can choose the immortality item at the end, that’s ok.

This is the Strong Chou build in M2 Mobile Legend

Chou's item Strongs in M2 Mobile Legend

Okay come here first guys! Next, I’m going to give you more information about mobile legend heroes. If there are any suggestions as to which hero guides you would like to discuss, you can contact me using the contact form below. I’ll check out the hero guides later, ok!
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