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Best and Sickest Zilong Item Build 2021 Mobile Legends | Games – Zilong is one of the fighter heroes who has exceptional skills in the Mobile Legend game. This hero looks like a war knight with a spear as his main weapon. In his story, Zilong was an explorer, he had the determination to help all kingdoms around the world in the extermination of evil, with his spear Zilong was full of confidence and fiery courage.

While Zilong is a free hero and is often referred to as a novice hero, his skills in the Land of Dawn battle arena are not to be underestimated. Its skills can be used to quickly fight and destroy the opponent’s tower.

Well, in this article, TeknoGeng is going to provide the latest full Zilong Battle Hero tutorial, starting with the best build items, emblems, and spells to how to play them for you to become a Zilong pro gamer. Before doing this, you should also know the advantages and disadvantages of Zilong’s heroes.

Benefits of Zilong

Zilong is a very easy to use hero, his skills do not require difficult controls so anyone can use them. But even if it’s easy to use, that doesn’t mean Zilong is a weak hero.

With Zilong’s ultimate he can be a champion in battle, especially when he enters the late game this hero goes crazy, even simple attack fist fights are always won quickly.

Of course, don’t forget the advantages of Zilong, which can catch the opponent’s hero, with its 1st ability, Zilong will lift the targeted enemy hero back to a friend to kill or into the tower so that the captured enemy is unable to do anything to do.

Cons of Zilong

Compared to other battle heroes, Zilong will look weak because his HP is not too big, especially if Zilong is slower at collecting items. But that is proportional to the high damage.

  • Often the main goal

Since Zilong is a Scavenger Hero and has low HP, Zilong is often the main target of the opposing team. Killing him is pretty easy too, as he’s a melee hero who is easy to catch.

Like most fighter heroes, Zilong is very susceptible to crowd control effects. When using the ultimate skill you really have to pay attention to the right timing, because if you are careless, Zilong becomes a blast hero for the opposing team.

Zilong build recommendations

Build items Zilong Mobile Legend

The above build items are best for pairing with Zilong heroes. Here is an explanation of the effects of each of these items (choice number one).

Warrior boots Has Attributes: +40 Movement SPD with Unique Passive Valor: Physical Defense is increased by 5 each time an auto attack is received, up to a maximum of 25. This effect lasts for 3 seconds.

Haas’ claws there are attributes: + 20% physical lifesteal and +70 physical attack. Unique Passive Madness: If Miya’s HP drops below 40%, Miya receives an additional 106 physical lifesteal.

Berserker’s rage Deals +65 Physical Attack, + 25% Crit. Chance and + 40% crit. Damage. Unique Passive Doom: Critical Hit increases Miya’s Physical Attack by 5% for 2 seconds.

Endless struggle has the effect of +65 physical attack, +25 mana regeneration, +250 HP, + 10% cooldown reduction, + 5% movement SPD and + 15% physical lifesteal with a unique passive Divine Justice: After using the skill, the next The normal Attack deals an additional 856 physical attacks as real damage, and there is also a passive 10% increase in movement speed.

Queen’s wing Inflicts +15 Physical Attack, +1000 HP and +106 Cooldown Reduction with a unique Passive Demonizing: Reduces damage taken by 509% when HP is below 4096 and increases physical Lifesteal by 3096. Lasts 5 seconds. This effect has a cultdown of 50 seconds.

Blade of Despair Deals +170 Physical Attack and + 5% Movement SPD. Unique Passive Despair: Attacking enemy units with HP below 50% increases the Hero’s physical attack by 25% for 2 seconds. (Effect active before damage calculation).

A suitable emblem for Zilong is Custom fighter emblem, Physically or Assassin’s emblem.

Use for spells To inspire : CD time: 60.0, can also strengthen Hero for a short time. The next 8 automatic attacks ignore 8 (+ 1 hero level) physical defense (increases with the hero level) and increases the hero’s attack speed by 55%. Lasts 5 seconds.

Zilong skills

Ziong Mobile Legend

Passive – Dragon Vortex, Every 6 seconds, Zilong’s basic attack with higher damage increases, and the cooldown of this passive is reduced by 0.5 seconds if Zilong continues to fight with normal attacks.

Skill 1 – Javelin Throw, Zilong lifts the targeted enemy behind him, dealing 300 Physical damage and reducing the target’s Physical Defense by 10.

Skill 2 – Spear Strike, Zilong is stabbed to death with his spear, running towards the targeted enemy and dealing 260 physical damage, and this ability increases Zilong’s basic attack for a while.

Skill 3 – Supreme Warrior, When this ultimate is activated, Zilong’s movement speed is increased by 30% and his attack speed is also increased by 45% and becomes immune to snare effects for 6 seconds.

How to play zilong

At the beginning of the game, focus on eliminating minions in the back alley to top up the gold coffers so you can buy items quickly. and try to lure the opponent’s hero to get closer to your tower and then use skill 1 to pick him up to get the first blood.

By the time you enter the middle of the game, you may have received some of the main items. Focus on stealing the opposing team’s tower because Zilong is also a pusher hero, just like Bane’s fighter.

By the time you enter the end of the game you should be able to purchase all of the Zilong items. Now you can join for team fight / war, use 3-2-1 base attack combo. Try to find heroes who look annoying so that your team can win battles more easily. And if there’s a good chance, try again to steal the opposing team’s tower.

Zilong’s best teammate

Eudora: Zilong is very apt to be paired with a magician like Eudora. If Zilong manages to capture the enemy with his first skill, Eudora can maximize the damage from his lightning power.

Zilong’s best counter hero

Alucard: If Zilong is on the opposing team, you can use Alucard as a counter hero, because Zilong still loses when he duels with Alucard, since Alu has a big life-deal effect and Zilong doesn’t have big HP.

Tips and tricks for playing Zilong Hero

When using the Zilong hero, make sure to activate the Hero Lock feature so that you don’t miss the target if you want to use the Shovel skill when the enemy is gathering.

Zilong is an agile hero who is maximized when played with Agile too, because Zilong is not only a good fighter, but also a pusher hero who must be able to quickly destroy the opponent’s tower. After 1 tower is destroyed, you can help your friends destroy other towers.

  • Make sure all skills 1-3 are always ready

Above all, you have to prepare skill 1 to pick up your opponent at the beginning of the game and the ultimate skill to chase the enemy or vice versa to escape. Especially if you are doing a push tower, you need to prepare Skill 3 just in case.

Teamwork is everything

Zilong is a fighter hero indeed who is quite strong in combat and good at stealing enemy turrets, but remember that you have to stay in the same direction with your friends too, don’t be a selfish gamer who messes in Cause and lead your team can defeat. Play with fun and without comments that can lead to a dispute.

Please also check the latest build items from other heroes only at TeknoGeng, so that you can become the ruler of the Land of Dawn.

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