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Best and Painful Terizla Item Build 2021 Mobile Legends | Games – Terizla is a fighter in Mobile Legends with slow attack properties and high burst damage. It has a very slow attack speed but has really lethal blast damage. Terizla Mobile Legends is a powerful but deadly fighter.

Terizla is a very easy to use hero. All skills do not have complicated mechanisms, so it is easier for us to master them. In addition to this, this hero also has high damage and defense.

In this article we will now discuss tutorials and build elements for the TeknoGeng version of Terizla Mobile Legends. Let’s check out the review below.

Terizla’s strongest item build

The build item, which Mimin says is very suitable for Terizla, focuses more on reducing the cooldown as much as possible so that he can use his skills as often as possible. We can combine it with attack or defense items. The following is a recommendation for the Mimin Teknogeng version of the Terizla build item.

Warrior boots

For shoes, Mimin recommends the use of 2 items, namely Warrior Boots or Tough Boots. Use warrior boots when there are many physical heroes on the opposing team. Use Tough Boots when the opposing team has a lot of Magic and CC Heroes.

Bloodlust ax

This is the centerpiece for Terizla gangs. This item not only offers additional cooldown reduction, but also additional magic vampire. That makes Terizla very strong for both laning and team fights.

Queen’s wing

This wing item will make Terizla’s defense very high. Because Terizla gets additional HP and a high damage reduction. In addition, this item provides an additional cooldown reduction, so Terizla spams abilities more often.

Athena’s shield

This item offers high Magical Defense and HP, so Terizla’s defense is even stronger, especially when it comes to magical heroes. In addition to this, this item also features a shield which is very useful for team fights. The shield will allow Terizla to use a combo to kill heroes like Aurora.


This item really helps Terizla in battling physical heroes as it provides additional physical defense. This item also makes Terizla immortal, where he can come back to life after death.

Blade of Despair

If you want to get an extra high physical attack, Blade of Despair is the right choice. Because this item offers a very high physical attack status. Even your physical attack will be even higher when attacking a dying target.

Hunter strike

If you want an additional higher cooldown, use Hunter’s Strike as this item offers an additional 10% reduction in cooldown. In addition, this item also increases Terizla’s movement speed by up to 30% after attacking an enemy or Creep 5 times.

Antique cuirass

Ancient Cuirass is the most suitable item when you want to play more defensively. Because this item has HP and great physical defense. This item can also reduce physical and magical attacks by up to 18%. This way Terizla has an even higher level of defense.

Recommended emblems and combat spells

For emblems, Mimin suggests Custom Fighter Emlem, where level 1 is strength and shield, level 2 is durability and the main talent of Festival of Blood. This talent makes Terizla very strong for laning or teamfighting.

However, if you want to get more aggressive and move quickly, it is better to use a custom assassin emblem. You can see the composition of the emlems under the gangway.

For combat spells, I recommend Flicker or Sprint. This spell helps Terizla to escape or chase the enemy as it moves very slowly.

Flicker Mobile Legends

Terizla Skill Explanation and Combo

Just like other heroes in general, Terizla Mobile Legends also has four main abilities, which consist of three active abilities and one passive ability. The skills and their combinations are explained below.

Passive skills: Body of Smith

Every 2.5% of Terizla’s HP that is lost is converted into 1% damage reduction. Up to a maximum of 35% damage reduction. With this ability, Terizla is really very strong, both in laning and team combat.

2.5% HP lost = 1% damage reduction (35% maximum)

Then Terizla cannot increase his attack speed. Every time there is an additional 1% attack speed, it is converted into 1 physical attack. This way this Terizla has a very slow attack from other fighters.

1% attack speed = 1 physical attack

Skill 1: Vengeance

Skill 1: Terizla will use his hammer to split the ground and the rift will spread through physical attacks. Rifts that hit the first target are slowed by 35%. At the same time, Terizla’s movement speed is increased by 25% for 3 seconds. Cracks at the target explode, dealing physical damage and 20% physical damage from the opponent’s lost HP.

Skill 2: Execution trike

Terizla will swing his hammer and release his energy 3 times continuously. The third swing deals greater physical damage than the previous 2 swings and has a 15% slowing effect for 1.5 seconds.

Skill 3: Penalty zone

Terizla will jump in the direction we specified to hit the ground, dealing physical damage and inflicting a 20% slowing effect on the enemy. Meanwhile, he conjures up a scaffold that Hook reaches towards the enemy and pulls the enemy multiple times, dealing physical damage each time.

Skill combo

Terizla can deal very high explosive damage by relying on only one combination of skills. It’s just that this combo has a slim chance of success as the enemy can run away before this combo ends.

First, we’ll use Skill 3 from the bush to perform a surprise attack. After being hit by skill 3, the enemy will be interested. If the enemy is interested, use skill 2 three times. Use Skill 1 to finish. About the combo like these guys.

Skill 3> Skill 2 (3x)> Skill 1

You have to know people, the above combination can fail because almost all of Terizla’s skills are very easy to avoid, especially agile heroes. So you should only play conditionally and not get caught up in the combos above.

Terizla’s strengths and weaknesses

Just like MOBA heroes in general, Terizla Mobile Legends also has advantages and disadvantages that we need to know before using it. Below are Terizla’s strengths and weaknesses.

The benefits of Terizla

Burst damage is very high: Skill 2 can deal very high burst damage, especially on the third hit. Then the first skill will also deal damage based on lost HP, so it’s great for a sure kill or completion.

Flexible heroes: Thanks to its passive abilities, Terizla has a very high durability. Hence, we can make it a hero armor or half armor. With a very high defense he is very strong to be in the front row especially if he uses the right build items.

Slow skill sucks: All of Terizla’s active abilities have a really annoying slow effect. This effect is certainly very useful for disrupting enemies who want to run away and restricting their movement during team fights.

Very easy to use: Terizla is a very low difficulty fighter. So we can easily master it. The thing to note is that you play it safe when attacking and adapt build items to suit the game conditions.

Terizla’s weaknesses

Low mobility: Terizla’s movement is very slow, which makes it difficult for us to follow ganking, run away, or chase enemies. Therefore, we need to minimize this shortcoming by using items and emblems that offer extra speed of movement.

Slow attack: 1% of Terizla’s attack speed is converted into 1 physical attack. In this way, the attack speed Terizla receives, be it from an emblem or an item, is converted into a physical attack. So don’t be surprised if this Terizla has a very slow attack.

Skills are easy to evade: Since it has slow movement and slow attack, all of Terizla’s skills are very easy to avoid. So we have to make a surprise attack out of the grass.

Terizla’s best counter

Terizla is very weak in the late game against all marksmen as they have very high DPS. Terizla is also weak when it comes to agile heroes and high burst damage like Fanny, Gusion, Harith, and Guinevere.

Terizla’s best opponent

Terizla is very strong against all tank and combat heroes in the early to mid game. Heroes who don’t have a good escape mechanism, like Layla and Zhask, are also ready to become Terizla’s prey.

Terizla’s best partner

Terizla can be combined very well with heroes who, like Minotaur and Tigreal, can offer area control. If hit by CC, Terizla can provide CC with his ultimate ability.

How to Get Terizla. plays

Early game

Terizla can control the game in the upper or lower lane. With either skill we can wave to henchmen or retaliate the blood of the enemy. This skill is strong enough to fend off the enemy. Try to switch to the middle lane if possible.

Our main focus in these early minutes is to get to level 4 as quickly as possible so that we can unlock skill 3. This way we can make a surprise attack on the enemy.

Medium game

Terizla’s main focus in the middle phase of the game is to craft core items as quickly as possible, namely Bloodlustu Ax items. Using this item alone, Terizla is strong enough for a team fight, as any ability that hits the opponent will regenerate their HP.

When the core item is ready, help our teammates and initiate the team fight appropriately. Start the skill combo with skill 3 out of the grass to perform a surprise attack and use skill 1 to complete.

Late game

You should be careful once the game has entered the late stages of the game, especially against heroes with high DPS such as B. Protect. Since Terizla has a very slow attack, it will be very weak when you have to deal with them.

Terizla’s main focus at this stage is on keeping the lane, pushing the tower, and pushing the minions as far as possible. When the situation allows, help the team steal the Lord.

Complete the game as soon as possible

Finish the game as soon as possible as Terizla had a less than good performance late in the game. So invite your friends to move the lane asap.

These are the discussion boards this time about tutorials and build items for Terizla Mobile Legends. You are not following the tutorials and build elements that the administrator provides. You should develop it yourself and adapt it to your particular gameplay. Hopefully useful and happy gaming gangs ^^


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