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Belongs to US waste quotas? Here is the review

Is Among Us a Waste of Odds – Who hasn’t heard of the Among Us game that went viral recently and is played by people from all over the world? This game between us can be played with friends or other players that you can get randomly.

In the Among Us game, a room can be filled with 4 to 10 players. Below us offers 3 card options that players can choose at will.

With things like that, players sometimes wonder if Among Us is a game that is wasting odds or not.

Belongs to US waste quotas?
Belongs to US waste quotas?

During this time we will discuss how much quota is required to play Among Us.

Please read this article carefully so you can find out whether or not Among Us is classified as a odds-consuming game.

Wasting quotas among us?

It is natural that many people wonder if Among Us is a game that wastes odds. Because Among Us is a game that can only be played online.

Some people also think that online games often take up a lot of quota, so that you quickly run out of data packages.

But apparently the game doesn’t take up a lot of contingent among us, you know. Unlike most online games, a round of Among Us games lasting 5-10 minutes only uses 1MB of allotment.

So that the quota you spend playing Among Us is not as large as with PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends or Free Fire.

How much quota do I need to play Among Us?

As we wrote above, one round of the game can only consume a quota of 1MB. If you play Among Us for an hour, you will only be spending 5MB of allotment.

Those of you who regularly play Among Us for 1 hour a day will be spending 150MB of data per month. If you can play Among Us for up to 2 hours a day, the data you spend on the Among Us game will be 300MB.

Compared to the Mobile Legends game, the Among Us game is much more contingent efficient. Mobile Legends can use 20-25MB of quota for every hour you play, while Among Us only takes 5MB of quota for an hour.

Not to mention, Mobile Legends requires you to download additional files, which can exceed 1GB in size.

You should be relieved because Among Us doesn’t take up much internet allotment. Still, don’t forget the time when you play this game among us.

Play this Among Us game moderately and make sure this Among Us game doesn’t interfere with your daily activities. Might be useful!

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