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Bellara VIP FF: Finish the free fire-cheat, be sure to try it out!

Bellara VIP FF – Winning or losing at Free Fire is something every Free Fire player wishes for. You can achieve Booyah by using strategy and playing seriously.

But sometimes victory isn’t always on your side. For those of you who are having a hard time getting Booyah, maybe you can try using cheats. The cheat we recommend this time is the Bellara VIP Mod Cheat.

This cheat is a cheat menu with many functions. You can activate the cheat functions you want so that you can reach Booyah easily.

Bellara VIP FF
Bellara VIP FF

This time we are going to show you how to use Bellara VIP Mod Free Fire.

How to Cheat Bellara VIP FF

This Bellara VIP cheat application has a lot of features so it’s a shame if you don’t try this cheat. How to use the Bellara VIP Free Fire cheat:

  1. First, download the Free Fire Mod Bellara file, after that you can also download the Free Fire obb file on
  2. First, uninstall your Free Fire game installed on your phone, after that you can install the Bellara Free Fire Mod that you downloaded.
  3. After that, go to Settings> Application Manager> select Free Fire> go to the application permissions menu and then turn on the microphone and storage permissions> hit the back button and then go to the other permissions menu> toggle the pop-up window for permissions.
  4. You can then download the ZArchiver application.
  5. Try the free Bellara Mod application already installed by opening it. Press the button that appears and enter the ID, the ?? bellara ?? and password ?? bellara ?? (without quotation marks). Press the check mark, then tap the button on the far right.
  6. If the Free Fire Bellara Mod application still has an error, you can open ZArchiver. Go to the download and then copy the obb file that you downloaded.
  7. Go to android> obb> then create a folder called> paste the obb file into the folder you created.
  8. Open Free Fire Bellara Mod, enter ID again ??Bellara?? and password ?? bellara ?? as before to start the application.
  9. Sign in to your account, then tap the circle button to reveal the cheat menu. Switch on the cheat you want to use by pressing the On button on the cheat.

How to use the Bellara VIP Free Fire Cheat. Hopefully this article can help you and save you from the abyss of defeat. Good luck!

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