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Beat? Here is an explanation of the skills and how to play the new Hero Wanwan Mobile Legend | Games – Following the official release of the new hero Assassin Ling Cyan Flinch on the original Mobile Legends server on November 2nd, Moonton will release another new hero on the pre-server named Wanwan in the role of sniper. This hero has good skills and agile movements.

However, since this hero is very agile, it becomes very difficult to control him, not even a few players are confused about how to use his ultimate ability. In this article, TeknoGeng explains the Wanwan hero’s abilities and how to use them properly.

The order of Hero Wanwan Mobile Legends Skills:

  • Passive Skill – Tiger Pace
  • Skill 1 – Swallow Path
  • Skill 2 – Neddles in Flowers
  • Skill 3 – Tang Crossbow
  • Ability combination

Passive Skill – Tiger Pace

Wanwan shows the weak points of the attacked hero with simple attacks or abilities. Then, if you manage to break through all of these vulnerabilities, the target will take an additional 25% damage. Even if all weak points of the targeted hero are resolved, Wanwan’s ultimate ability will be unlocked.

Skill 1 – Swallow Path

Throws a secret weapon called the Swallow Dart in a specific direction, dealing 150 physical damage and causing tiger pace to enemies in its path. Swallow darts that are thrown then transform into a zone of swallow daggers that lasts 5 seconds.

If this skill is clicked again 5 seconds ago, the swallow daggers will return to Wanwan in the form of 3 arrows, dealing an additional 60 physical damage and reducing the opponent’s movement speed by 60% for 0.5 seconds.

Skill 2 – Neddles in Flowers

This skill removes all crowd control effects from him, unnecessarily releasing Deadly Throws, dealing 200 physical damage to nearby enemies and reducing their movement speed by 40% for 1 second. Meanwhile, Wanwan’s movement speed increases. So this skill makes Wanwan a sniper anti-CC effect usually caused by mage and tank hero skills.

Skill 3 – Tang Crossbow

Well, this is Wanwan’s ultimate ability that has been baffling a lot of gamers. Wanwan will activate her crowssbow and shoot arrows at the enemy 10 times, each arrow dealing 60 physical damage and the last arrow dealing critical damage and triggering tiger pace. This skill is an area skill. So if the enemy is out of the area, they will not be affected by this skill. And in order to activate this ultimate skill as in the explanation of the passive skill above, it becomes active when all 4 weak points of the opponent have been destroyed.

Ability combination

With the skills described above, the combination of Wanwan’s skills that you can use in combat is basic attack skill 1-skill 2-basic attack skill 3 / ultimate. Simple attack to bring out weaknesses, then skill 1 to solve 2 weaknesses and continue again with skill 2 or standard attack until all weaknesses of the target have been destroyed, then the ultimate skill will automatically open and you can use it.

Looking at the skills above, it looks like Wanwan is going to become an all-powerful sniper, but not all players will buy it as the controls are quite difficult, especially when used in ranked mode where the hero of the average opponent moves quickly. Apparently, in order to master this hero one has to practice in custom mode and play more classics a lot. It is possible that this hero will be released on the original server in late November 2021.

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Editor : Nasrul Officials

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