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Balmond's newest buff, can destroy tanks in Mobile Legends

After being almost forgotten for a long time, Balmond, one of the old characters in Mobile Legends, has finally been revived. This is inextricably linked to the latest patch update from Mobile Legends itself. One of the new things in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) patch update is that there are multiple nerfs and buffs given to multiple heroes in the game, including Balmond.

Balmond himself was rarely shown in Mobile Legends for a long time. Aside from being an old hero, Balmond is also out of competition with the new heroes that are always included in Moonton’s game. Even so, thanks to the latest patch update, Balmond is finally getting a new buff that can destroy tanks in Mobile Legends.

Balmond’s new buff

Latest Buff Balmond Mobile Legends

Balmond, an old hero in Mobile Legends, has been all but forgotten in recent years. The number of heroes featured in the Mobile Legends game makes hero competition tight. Old heroes will certainly lose competitiveness with new heroes who are much stronger.

Still, Moonton continues to surprise its fans. Namely by giving old heroes new buffs to increase their strength. One of the older heroes who got a new buff in the latest patch update Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is Balmond. This was transmitted directly via the advance server in Mobile Legend itself.

Balmond Skill Upgrade

Balmond skill upgrade

Balmond continues to feature an incredibly powerful buff in the latest Mobile Legends patch. Can not only destroy the enemy with one attack, but also the tanks in Mobile Legends.

In the latest patch update for Mobile Legends, Balmond will later receive an upgrade to the old hero’s 2 skills. The increase comes in the form of additional damage resulting from Balmond’s abilities.

Balmond has a spinning ability like a top. Every time you take a lap the damage done can reach 200% in this latest patch update. Therefore, it is not ruled out that Balmond’s latest buff can destroy the tanks in Mobile Legends.

Every time Balmond attacks and deals damage to the enemy, the resulting damage increases by 25% to 100% over the original damage every second. So that the damage caused is greater than before.

True Damage Balmond effect

True Damage Balmond effect

Mobile Legends not only improves Balmond’s abilities, it also gives the old hero an interesting buff by adding the true damage effect they already have. In the latest patch update for Mobile Legends, Balmond’s true damage effect is increased even more.

The true damage effect itself is generated based on the old hero’s attack. Thanks to a new buff, the true damage effect of Balmond increases to 100% of the existing maximum. Previously, the true damage effect was only 50%.

With a new buff Balmonds has, the old hero can compete with new heroes who are strong enough too. Even if this new Buff Balmonds fighting style doesn’t really change, at least his skills will increase and he can become the fiercest fighter and tank driver in Mobile Legends.

Create Balmond Mobile Legends

Create Balmond Buff Balmond Mobile Legends

You can improve Balmond’s skills by giving him certain items. This item can make both Balmond’s attack and defense stronger. Here are some builds that are very apt when applied to the Balmond hero who becomes a fighter and also a tank driver.

The first build that goes with Balmond is Blade Armor. With this one article, Balmond gets many benefits. One of them is a cyclone that can cause damage continuously.

This build can be described as a replacement for Bloodthirsty King, which has been removed from Mobile Legends. Even so, this one item has a remarkable effect, especially for the hero Balmond.

Using the Thunder Belt build increases the damage done by Balmond by two percent of the total maximum HP. So that Balmond’s auto-attack does more damage every time you use a skill.

Next comes the item warrior boots. This item makes Balmond’s defense thicker and stronger. Not only that, this one item also provides additional physical defense that can withstand attacks from its opponents.

Warrior boots are a perfect match for Balmond, who acts as a tanker. Because this item not only strengthens the defense, but can also move Balmond faster to catch up with his opponents.

Next up is the cursed helmet. This item gives Balmond additional HP. In addition to this, this item also produces magical armor large enough to make Balmond more powerful.

One of the interesting effects that immortality creates is the ability to revive Balmond during a team fight. This way, when his opponents die, Balmond can use his ultimate to attack his opponent.

The final build that goes with Balmond is Antique Cuirass. This item can strengthen the ancient hero’s defenses. Every time you receive an attack from your opponent, the effect is reduced.

Those are some builds that go with Balmond. Additionally, in the latest patch update for Mobile Legends, Balmond is getting a new buff that makes him stronger. Stay tuned for the latest updates on games, gadgets and anime only from Kabar Games. So that you don’t miss the news, you can follow the news Instagram and Facebook accounts. Don’t forget to leave your comments!