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AutoWin! How to play Hero Bruno Mobile Legends 2021 | Games – Bruno is a pretty agile shooter in Mobile Legends. Bruno has a fairly long blik ability that most other archers like Irithel and Lesley don’t.

Bruno looks like an ordinary shooter. Even if you already know the perks and skills he has, Bruno is a very scary Sagittarius, you know, gang.

Bruno has a passive ability that allows him to deal a lot of damage. This hero is very dependent on basic attacks, so he can deal damage in the late game. Even now, Bruno deserves to be compared to Granger, who is the best shot.

Well! On this occasion, TeknoGeng will review Bruno’s hero. In this case, of course: How to play Hero Bruno in Mobile Legends in 2021. Of course, this is an experiment or the author’s experience playing Hero Bruno in Mobile Legends.

1. Farming in the early game

Since Bruno is a highly objectively dependent Sagittarius, we should Agriculture first early game. Try to avoid team fights or clashes during this phase.

Play as aggressively as you can when the core item is done. Save Skill 2 just in case. If there are enemies interfering with your farming, you can use this skill to escape. And no less importantly, if you’re fighting 1-on-1 opponents, Skill 2 is a great way to shake your opponent.

2. Position correctly

A user shooter must be able to position himself well. Don’t be sidelined by standing in front of a tank when Team fight. Always try to stand behind them so you don’t get hit damage from the opponent.

The best position to attack Bruno is from the greatest distance. Keep in mind that Bruno’s gang has quite a range, so take advantage of this. For positioning you use skill 2. And don’t forget to activate the hero lock mode so that you don’t hit the wrong target when attacking.

3. Use the Ultimate Moment ability

Use ultimate skills only in important moments gear because the cooldown on this skill is quite long. You need to understand that this skill is very effective when it hits a lot of opponents. Hence, it is very good to use for team fights. You can use this skill if you are too to press or Defense tower.

4. Practice often

Practice often if you want to master every hero, including Bruno. Also, be sure to like that professional player play, see the gameplay, build and rotation. If you would like to receive the basic tutorial please visit the web TechnoGang as a reference for information about Conduct Mobile legends.

Well! How to Play Hero Bruno Mobile Legends in 2021, if you have other opinions, don’t hesitate to discuss with Mimin her gangs

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