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#AutoBooyah, Tips for Playing Free Fire with Samsung Galaxy A51

Dyland Pros shares tips on how to play Free Fire on the Samsung Galaxy A51. – Would you like to play the Free Fire game well so #AutoBoyah is easy? These tips on how to play Free Fire on Samsung Galaxy A51 might help you.

One of the content creators on Evos-Free Fire, Dyland Maximus Zidane or better known as Dyland Pros, shares how he started playing games that were just a hobby to become a profession he has pursued until now and which factors support success when playing an online game or the term #AutoBooyah.

Samsung Electronics Indonesia is inviting users to join Dyland Pros to play the Free Fire mobile game which will be live-streamed on May 9, 2021 at 3:00 pm-5:00pm WIB.

Users can take part in the fun of the game and watch the live stream of “Awesome Ramadan with Samsung Galaxy A” on the Samsung Indonesia YouTube channel.

Playing games isn’t enough just to have skills, having a reliable device is also one of the keys to my success so far. I like mobile games, so it’s really important to have a smartphone that smoothly supports live games all day with no lag, doesn’t heat up quickly, and definitely doesn’t waste battery.”Said Dyland Pros – EVOS Content Creator, Free Fire.

When exploring the Samsung Galaxy A51 to play mobile games online, I thought this was the right choice and could be recommended as #AutoBooyah as the flagship smartphone for playing Free Fire. From the processor, battery, AI gaming booster function to screen recording, everything is complete enough to play everyday games,“Added Dylan.

Dyland Pros play Free Fire with the Samsung Galaxy A51. (Samsung)

Check out Dyland Pros’ tips on how to play the Free Fire game with the Samsung Galaxy A51, so #AutoBooyah:

1. Activate the AI ​​gaming booster function to make gaming faster

AI Gaming Booster is a feature that detects all types / types of games being played and automatically optimizes performance as needed. This feature can increase the frame rate by 20% when used. AI Gaming has multiple uses, namely:

  • Automatic control: Activate this function to stabilize the temperature of the smartphone so that it does not overheat when playing online games like Free Fire, which of course requires more work than casual games like Candy Crush, this function keeps the temperature of the Smartphones at normal temperature so that the frame rate / fps does not drop.
  • Screen recording: If you want to follow in the footsteps of an idol pro, maybe you can use this screen recording feature to record and share your booyah experience on social media as a pro gamer.
  • Check status, block notifications: This function also has a function that makes it easy for you to view the smartphone’s battery status by showing the battery power status and how long this smartphone can be used to play games. In addition, this AI also allows you to block all incoming messages and call notifications when you are having fun while playing.

2. Look for a smartphone with a large screen that is easy on the eyes

If you enjoy playing, it is not enough if it only lasts an hour. Make sure we use a smartphone that has a big screen and is easy on the eyes so that it won’t be a problem to use it for hours.

This Samsung Galaxy A51 already uses a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display. This screen not only makes you happy with a wide screen, but also ensures clear graphics and detailed colors when playing games. Makes it easier for you to see the presence of nearby enemies.

Dyland Pros play Free Fire with the Samsung Galaxy A51. (Samsung)

3. Strong battery, fast charging

When you are having fun playing then the battery suddenly runs out, it must be really bad, right? Another reason why the Galaxy A51 is suitable for me as a flagship smartphone for gaming is that the Samsung Galaxy A51 has a battery capacity of 4,000 mAh and is supported by the 15 watt fast charge function.

You can be satisfied with chasing Booyah all day without worrying about running out of battery. When the battery is empty, just charge it for a while and keep playing without restrictions.

Not only when it comes to smartphone devices, Dyland Pros shares tricks from his skills in playing Free Fire.

  1. Aim and Shoot (Aim and Shoot)
    Free Fire isn’t a game that is too difficult to play as it has an auto-assist system that makes aiming easier. So so that we can win every shootout, the tip is to point our rifle directly at the opponent’s head by swiping up while shooting. In this way, the enemy will die instantly without resistance.
  2. Immerse yourself in a safe place
    At the beginning of the game we have to jump into areas on the map and sometimes we can just jump to places that are crowded with people. This can result in getting shot at the beginning for not getting a gun. Determine the place you will be diving, discuss with teammates and make sure the place you choose is safe, not many people but has a lot of resources.
    By the way, my favorite place to jump is Brasilia on the purgatory map.“Said Dyland Pros.
  3. Loot tips
    Loot or booty is an activity in which we collect various items in the battle arena that can aid us against the enemy.
    Dyland pros added: “I’m the type of person who’s been into looting for a long time because I think looting is a fun thing. We can collect weapons and equipment up to the maximum level so that we are ready to go straight to war when we meet the enemy. Well, my looting tip is to give the character a twist trick, so don’t be silent because if we turn when the enemy sees and shoots, at least they’ll only hit the leg.. “

Ultimately, continuous practice and practicing coordination with other teammates are the important keys to achieving Booyah easily“Said Dyland Pros.

The Samsung Galaxy A51 can be a smartphone choice that supports gaming activities more smoothly and excitingly.

The Samsung Galaxy A51 has two storage capacities of 128 / 6GB and 128 / 8GB and is available in several attractive colors, namely Prism Crush Blue, Prism Crush White and Prism Crush Black.

Further information on the Samsung Galaxy A51 can be found at the following link

If you are interested in getting the Samsung Galaxy A51 with a special offer, please visit

These are the tips for playing Free Fire #AutoBooyah by Dyland Pros on the Samsung Galaxy A51. Good luck!

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