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Auto Wild, these 5 OP heroes in Mobile Legends are suitable for the Push Rank 2021

Heroine Natalia Mobile Legends. (YouTube / Mobile Legends Bang Bang) – The start of the new year 2021 is quite suitable if players move up their rank in Mobile Legends. We’ll be making recommendations on 5 Overpowered Heroes eligible for the Mobile Legends Season 19 push rank.

Even at the start of the season, you can start a war right away with this recommended list of heroes. Even so, given the OP, some of these heroes stand a high chance of getting banned during the draft pick.

Therefore, if your opponent misses, you can immediately brush and pick the hero. There are many OP heroes to choose from in Season 19.

But we will only select 5 of them which are considered the most OPs.

Here are 5 OP heroes (Overpowered) who are suitable for the push rank Mobile Legends Season 19 for the period beginning of 2021:

1. Brody

Brody Mobile Legends hero illustration.  (YouTube / Mobile Legends Bang Bang)
Brody Mobile Legends hero illustration. (YouTube / Mobile Legends Bang Bang)

Brody is a new sniper hero with very painful damage.

Spam, the other skill, is quite inconvenient, and even when the stack is full, Brody produces extremely high levels of physical damage.

With the right positioning and timing, it’s not impossible for Brody to take down the opponent’s hero in the late game.

2. Benedetta

Benedetta.  (YouTube / Mobile Legends Bang Bang)
Benedetta. (YouTube / Mobile Legends Bang Bang)

In the hands of the right person, Benedetta can do additional serious damage if the Ultimate Area placement is correct. This new hero, which has been available for free for a while, immediately enjoyed huge popularity among Assassin users.

His one Phantom Slit skill does blast damage that can unsettle the enemy. If you can maximize passive skills, the combination of Dash and Damage will instantly make the enemy’s core hero die

3. Natalia

Natalia Mobile Legends.  (
Natalia Mobile Legends. (

Not only ex or friends who like to have debts, Natalia can disappear right in front of you too.

The hunter’s ability, as well as his passive ability, Assassin Intinct, allow this hero to disappear into the bushes and hunt down enemies with a fairly high physical attack.

The combination of Claw Dash and Smoke Bomb makes Marksman automatically surrender if Natalia is targeted without a fighter or tank escort.

4. Esmeralda

Esmeralda Mobile Legends.  (
Esmeralda Mobile Legends. (

This hybrid tank mage hero is known for his deadly dance.

The immobilization effect along with the given physical and magical damage causes the opponent’s HP to increase slightly.

During the early game, Esmeralda is also suitable as a “riot” hero in the opposing jungle.

5. jaw head

Jawhead Mobile Legends.  (Moon tone)
Jawhead Mobile Legends. (Moon tone)

Following the new update, Jawhead’s popularity rose instantly in Season 19. Not just thick blood, but jawhead’s damage is increasingly fatal.

For users who are smart at determining individual targets (especially core heroes) this fighter will do a great job.

In addition to the 5 heroes above, Mathilda, Barats, Roger, and Helcurt are a few other heroes that are pretty OP and suitable for the push rank. That was the set of OP Heroes eligible and interested in using the Mobile Legends Season 19 Push Rank for the early 2021 period?